Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Clandestine is a movie about numbers stations, filmed n black & white as a short form documentary by Gideon C. Kennedy and Marcus Rosentrater. Clandestine is said to intermingle fact with fiction, winning awards already from IDFA Competition For Short Documentary 2009, Thin Line Film Fest Official Selection 2010, and Atlanta Film Festival Official Selection 2010.

The Clandestine Movie Blog tells the story about the movie's successes and travels, along with interesting links and the biography of both film makers. Clandestine has a Facebook Group

This trailer for the movie is downright spooky, and quite reminiscent of Night Of The Living Dead or even the all American thriller, Psycho! These artists who made Clandestine are geniuses through and through, with the right amount of enthusiasm, mystery, adventure, and everything it takes to be legends of the film world; heroes to the radio crowd.

Clandestine is a work that will leave you saying "wow!" in a whole new way! This short film based on real world radio happenings should be made into a full feature presentation. Shortwave America wishes these two film artists all the best of success now and in the future!

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Where can we see this film di di dah dah did dit Tom, AB9NZ