Monday, November 28, 2011

Shortwave America Partners With Nash Holos

Nash Holos reaches a vast audience with the voice and talented leadership of Paulette MacQuarrie on Vancouver, Canada's AM1320 (1320Khz on the AM dial), CHLY 101.7 Nanaimo, and more than 28 countries on the PCJ Media Network (AM, FM, and Shortwave). Nash Holos is Ukrainian Roots Radio covering Ukrainian News Outlook with Keith Perron,  Ukrainian Food Flair with Sylvia Pidraziuk Molnar, Ukrainian Jewish Heritage featuring Meylakh Sheykhet, Ukrainian Christian Heritage, The Ukrainian Proverb, and Kultural Capsule with Vasyl (William) Pawlowsky.

Last, but not least, Nash Holos also presents a well informed feature called "Did You Know?" with Irena Bell, of the Ukrainian Program in Ottawa.

Nash Holos has been on the air since 2000, and has celebrated many great milestones in the past eleven years, having been awarded the Roger Charest, Sr. Award for Broadcast & Media Arts (2007). The proud sponsors of Nash Holos are:

Ukrainian Studies Foundation of BC

Ukrainian Community Society of Ivan Franko (your place for Ukrainian books, music, and gifts)

Sevala's (Your homemade goodness deli & catering)
Chetverta Khvylia
4th Wave Ukrainian Radio Program Host: Stanislav Nastenko
Sundays 10am on 90.1FM CJSF. Streaming:  Podcast:

Solovei Magazine

Uketube (no link available)

Shortwave America will be assisting Paulette (Pawlina) with topics related to the Nash Holos show, as well as covering stories and events outside of Canada that are of interest to the listeners of Nash Holos. Nash Holos has a well maintained blog, interviews, and a retail shop where you can purchase your favorite Nash Holos items. You don't have to take our word for it, go see for yourself! While you're there, please make sure you visit the Nash Holos links section!

Paulette MacQuarrie
Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio is the longest running Ukrainian radio program in the history of BC, having twice earned that distinction on a commercial radio station, and has a very special meaning: "our voice". Nash Holos s BC's first bilingual Ukrainian—English radio program. Nash Holos can be heard inflight on long-haul flights to and from Taipei,  Taiwan on China Airlines International.

Shortwave America is proud to serve the needs of the Nash Holos show and urges everyone to give a warm welcome to this important show and its host, Paulette MacQuarrie! Paulette will be heard as a guest presenter on the upcoming "Celebration of 30 Years of Space Shuttle Communications" show as well as the Shortwave America "Classic Christmas Special". 

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