Monday, November 21, 2011

Programming / Operational Status, B-11 Schedule Update

Shortwave America has updated the SWBC B-11 schedules to provide the AOKI text and zip files. EIBI seems to be dormant for now. Equipment critical to Shortwave America daily operations, programming creation, and so forth is still in the process of being maintained and should be back in operating order soon.

When the advertised audio programming is in a ready to release state, it will be posted as either a twofer or a triple feature. Shortwave America apologizes for the delay in the anticipated audio programming as advertised and thanks all of the fans and followers for their astounding patience!

Remember, Shortwave America has memberships available to help support the quality programming that you will be able to enjoy soon. Although blogger is a free service, the time and effort spent to make this possible for all of you now and in the future is immense, especially as Shortwave America continues to investigate opportunities for continued growth and success.

We wish all of you out here a happy, safe, Thanksgiving holiday.

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