Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Edition of Shortwave America: NASA Space Shuttle Communications Team

In November, for the second episode of Shortwave America, we are working on bringing you the NASA Space Shuttle Communications Team. We will take a look back at the very first shuttle launch mission, STS-1 (Space Shuttle Columbia), and talk about how communications were handled through three decades, ending with STS-135 the final flight of the space shuttle by Atlantis. The team at NASA we are efforting speaking with are as follows:


Mike Leinbach
Shuttle Launch Director, Shuttle Processing Directorate

Roberta Wyrick 

NASA Kennedy Space Center OTC

This show will air on WRMI Radio and PCJ Radio/PCJ Media. If none of these guests are available, a show with the same topic will air minus the guests. NASA receives more media requests than they can possibly honor, and it is impossible for these guests to be on everyone's program at once.Photos above are courtesy of NASA.

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