Friday, November 4, 2011

Shortwave America Membership FAQ

These are answers to common questions that may be asked about Shortwave America memberships.

1. Is Shortwave America always going to be free? YES

2. What does each membership level offer?

Bronze membership at the 1.00 level is a basic support membership and earns the right to enter upcoming contests. Silver level 5.00 membership earns the right to enter contests and receive a yearly news letter. Gold level 15.00 memberships earns the right to enter contests, receive a newsletter twice a year, and receive members only audio programming as such programming becomes available. Platinum level 20.00 memberships earn the right to enter contests, receive a bi-monthly newsletter, membership only audio programs, and discounted copies of Shortwave America programming on CD/R or DVD/R along with bonus material on those discs. Premiere level 50.00 memberships offer all of the privileges afforded to memberships listed above PLUS you'll gain the privilege of knowing about upcoming programs ahead of time with an advance discounted copy of programs along with the complete program scripts personally AUTOGRAPHED to you in PDF format AND upon your request, Shortwave America will offer free sign up service for radio equipment catalogs / communications magazines (minus subscription fees, which are payable by you) Premier members also receive a monthly newsletter in PDF format FREE, right to your e-mail inbox at the end of each month.

Platinum and Premiere members will be given special access to any future public events where Shortwave America staffers are in attendance. This includes a private lunch or dinner. 

3. I live in a country where I cannot use Paypal, how do I solve this problem?
Shortwave America will attempt to help you solve this IF an answer can be found for this dilemma. Guarantees cannot be made at this time.

4. I am visually challenged or blind, I have some other recognized disability that makes it difficult for me to read or listen to programming. Can I receive Shortwave America audio files for free or can I receive print copies of Shortwave America audio programming geared towards my disability?

YES, Shortwave America is happy to offer accommodations for ANYONE with any type of disability that affects their ability to read, hear, or otherwise enjoy Shortwave America. Those who are disabled in any way that affects their ability to enjoy Shortwave America does not need a membership to request accommodation.

5. I am a paid foreign member who does not speak or read English. Can I request that audio and printed media offered to paid members be translated into my language?

Yes, Shortwave America will even attempt to find volunteers who speak your language fluently to assist in this task for accommodating paid members in the international community. This is a request that does take some time to complete due to the skill and time involved, but we will find a way to accommodate you. However, you DO need to let Shortwave America know about this request or else we have no idea that you have this need.

Please be sure to let us know what language you speak, and if your language has more than one dialect; please let us know which dialect you need translation for.

6. Do I have to renew my membership? NO. ALL Shortwave America memberships make you a member for life or until you decide you want to relinquish your membership.

7. Do I have to pay any taxes on my membership? Yes. All U.S. States and Federal Law state that tax must be made on ALL purchases including purchases made on the Internet. Shortwave America has the tax rate set at 10% which is the mean U.S. national average.

8. May I use my Shortwave America membership as a tax write-off? NO. Shortwave America is NOT a 501 (C) 3 entity.

Other important questions and answers will be posted here as they arise. 

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