Friday, October 14, 2011

Shortwave America Pilot Episode Status

Dear loyal fans and readers,

The first pilot episode of Shortwave America is in production status as we await two other interview subjects for this first episode. Jerry Bryant was an awesome man to speak with, and contributed great things to the pilot episode by way of his interview. Taking the time to produce the pilot episode the right way is an integral part of your listening experience. We expect to have this show up and running by the next two weeks.

A new development has occurred here at Shortwave America in that WRMI Radio has agreed to work with Shortwave America to air each episode to the world, and Radio Indonesia has expressed an interest in carrying Shortwave America programming as well.

The second show will air in November, and will be a special 3 hour show focusing on an international treasure that not many people get to know much about. We're talking exciting, high tech stuff! (sorry, no more clues until November 1st!)

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Anonymous said...

C'mon, maybe a little clue? Is it buried treasure? Tom, AB9NZ