Friday, October 28, 2011

Shortwave America Offers Advertising Space / Membership Program

Advertising space is now available at Shortwave America at the official sponsor page. Interested parties should contact Shortwave America for pricing information. Shortwave America asks that ONLY those entities / individuals with real businesses and / or products to apply.

Also, the time and amount of work it takes to bring all of you the high quality presentations here means that your support and the support of the public has become paramount to keeping Shortwave America alive in the future to come. Those customers wishing to buy Shortwave America memberships should use the logo below or see the permanent logo at the top of the homepage.

Shortwave America Membership Categories

Those who donate funds in any amount totaling one dollar or more will be enrolled as members of Shortwave America. Shortwave America membership entitles you to enter all future contests, and receive other benefits that non-paying persons will not be privileged to; such as unedited versions of Shortwave America audio programming, reduced cost copies of CD's and DVD's, and other privileges as they become available, when such is NOT a contest prize item. Remember, Platinum and Premium members will receive the best privileges.

Those persons / entities who pay for advertising space will also be eligible to ask for a 30 second audio spot on Shortwave America audio programming with a 10% reduction on the highest price quoted to you elsewhere.

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