Friday, October 28, 2011

Announcing The NEW Audio News Programming Page

As promised earlier this year, Shortwave America attempted to bring you access to some 7 different radio or world news related programming. Many of those shows with the exception of two of them, have shut down. There was also a problem with bringing you many of these programs because the publishing schedules were either very erratic or just too difficult to keep up with in the practical sense.

In an effort to keep the promise made to our fans and followers, Shortwave America has erected an "Audio News Programming" page, located at the very top of the page. The shows here are high quality content produced and engineered by veteran broadcasters. Here's the list:

  • Amateur Radio Newsline
  • The Rain Report
  • Classic Media Network with Jonathan Marks
  • Nash Holos / Ukranian News Outlook with Paulette MacQuarrie
  • Bob Zanotti's Switzerland In Sound
  • The QSO Show with Ted Randall
The QSO show isn't produced anymore as far as we know, but it seems as if it is a good show with good material. 

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