Friday, October 21, 2011

Shortwave America Celebrates Three Years!

Seems like it was just yesterday when Shortwave America became a reality three years ago today. Those loyal fans from all over the globe who have been watching this publication grow and make each new achievement, each new milestone; are the ones who have made Shortwave America what is has become thus far and what it will become in the future to come.

Most everyone knows that there are big dreams happening here, and there exists the courage, drive, and direction to make those dreams a reality. At this time, Shortwave America wishes to thank a long list of people and entities. If you do not get named, please know that you haven't been forgotten!

Keith Perron, Paulette MacQuarrie, Bob Zanotti, the entire support team at PCJ Radio / PCJ Media, the fans and listeners of Media Network Plus, Andy Sennitt, Jonathan Marks, the wonderful folks at WRN, Chris Freitas, Corq SWL, everyone at HF Underground, RadioReference, the India DXing Cooperation Forum along with the listeners and fans in India; Indian DX Club International, Radio Listeners Club, No Mundo Do Dexismo; those fans / readers in China; our friends and fans in the U.K., Australia, Poland, Russia, Italy, Spain, and everywhere else! Special mentions to: Ian McFarland, and Victor Goonetilleke for their patience and good spirited sportsmanship; to Jerry Bryant for being the very first special guest on the Shortwave America pilot episode; Chris Daniels, and Victor Sergeyev. 

Before closing out this piece, it is noteworthy to mention that a special program for December is in the works. This is something that has not ever been done by any radio amateur, any shortwave or local broadcaster anywhere. This show will be a focus on Christmas around the world, creatively tied into the radio community. The beginning of December will bring you more details.

Until next time, here's to three years turning into 30 more years! Thanks again to all of those people who read and pay attention here.


John Poet said...

Happy Birthday, Shortwave America!

Here's wishing you many more years of publishing enlightening articles about shortwave radio!

Guise Faux said...

Hey, congrats, SA, you survived the terrible twos! I should be so lucky, since I don't know who I am from day to day until Commander Bunny tells me.

You consistently have good content in your articles and I read most of them, even if I don't comment. Well done overall and not just a duplicate of every other shortwave blog online.

Looking forward to the December show, sounds like a terrific theme.

Chrissy Brand said...

Congratulations on three years!

DJ Frederick said...

Congrats and keep up the excellent work! Long live shortwave!