Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thank You To The New Few

This web publication has been alive since October 22nd 2008, and it laid dormant for many reasons. One of the bigger reasons has to do with finding the creative groove for this effort. Something that both promotes and advances the world of both Commercial Shortwave Radio, AM Medium Wave, and Amateur Radio altogether since our worlds intersect in certain ways.

I have found that there are those of you who have provided a link to this site on your own blog, or your radio related web presence, or you forwarded it on to your mail list in case anyone had any interest. It seems that the creative groove that was given mention, has indeed come about. The effort to find new material to publish here isn't always easy and other days, it's easier than the day before.

Thank you for coming here to see what the news is, to view station loggings, to read whatever it is that interests you! As you can see, the effort is not to be like most other big sites whom have all the same material as the next site. The purpose of having a mixed bag of radio activity published here is to have well rounded coverage of what interests everyone instead of staying limited to just one specialty.

Some of the bigger, more well known sites have more than one area of coverage for sure. The idea being worked with here is to bring all of the information sources together and that is what creates a well rounded publication no matter what media is used to present it.

Thanks for being here! You can look forward to something new here whenever you visit. Updates are planned for every 24 hours or every 48 hours, whichever gives the most opportunity for good material for your reading pleasure. The comments section is here to be used if you feel the need to add to a topic, to sound off your point of view on something, to say whatever it is you want to say on any topic. Use these comment sections as you would any of the other radio forums out here, but please keep it as close to appropriate as you can. Some topics could potentially stir emotion in certain radio circles and it can be hard to comment objectively.

This is easily understandable. Shortwave America wants you here and welcomes all from every radio related profession and social circle that exists. Thank you to the few new people who we know are reading, and to those who have linked here. The new work week starts tomorrow (like anyone needs to be reminded?) Enjoy your new week and Shortwave America will enjoy bringing you something you can relax to on your break time or your other free time. 73 From Shortwave America! 

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