Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shortwave Radio Africa - Bringing Hope To Zimbabwe

Africa, whose people have long been screaming for Freedom, a nation that has survived apartheid and endless other travesties now has to face a Government who has promised them freedom but has given little more than actions that are contradictory to their promises. This is a story about jamming, censorship, and the people's absolute right to have communication beneficial to their existence.

An excerpt from THIS SOURCE:

"Repeated attempts by the Zimbabwean government to jam the station's signal have recently stopped, she tells, which is just as well as the station doesn't have the funding available to get around it."

"We're still being heard. We're clearly getting up their noses quite a lot at the moment. Even they realise that it would look really bad in terms of the unity government, but there is still a simplistic view that the opposition can shut us down," says Jackson."

Jackson has not asked to take over the government, she is asking for a conduit of communication that will benefit the people of Zimbabwe by providing programming that is informative and has a journalistic value. There is a web presence for this movement, as text and radio are said to be the only way into Zimbabwe in terms of communication per Jackson. Shortwave America will bring you links to the SWRA web presence and will follow this story with updates to this post.

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