Friday, November 20, 2009


From several sources citing this article, and assuming fair use. 

Operating a two-way radio mobile in Philadelphia may cost you $75 a pop beginning December 1st. This, thanks to a new cell phone law about to fully take effect in that city.

While the purpose of the law is to discourage the use of cell phones while driving there is a clause which prohibits the use of a wireless communication device for voice communication while operating a motor vehicle on any Philadelphia street. Hands free operation is permitted. 

An article in the Philadelphia Inquirer quotes a 9th District Police Officer saying there are some exceptions to the new law. These are to call the 911 emergency line or while using a two-way radio to conduct official business for the city, state, or federal government. Otherwise the law says to pull over and put the car in park or neutral before making a call.

Local hams have been in touch with ARRL Volunteer Counsel to get their opinion of the bill. More information can be found in the Holmesburg Amateur Radio Club November newsletter at www dot harcnet dot org. Updates on the how this new law will affect on ham radio will be posted there as well.

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