Saturday, November 21, 2009

Handy HF Band Chart

How often have you wished you could recall a frequency for simple listening or even amateur operation? You might go to Shortwave Central or the ARRL site and pull your information from there, maybe even NASWA (North American Shortwave Association). These groups are all great organizations, but why should you have to surf all over the web for your information? 

Shortwave America decided it was a good thing to post a comprehensive listing of what the bands are, their corresponding frequencies, and UTC Time Conversion. Listings for specific stations will still have to be searched for until Shortwave America can incorporate specific station listings, which is a really ambitious project.

More complete HF Band Information can be found here

Shortwave America will be working on obtaining permission to copy the information from the above link into this post. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Anonymous said...

Since it was last updated, the Amateur Bands have changed - hopefully the new one will be all up-to-date!