Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Unnessacery Use Of Bandwidth

Shortwave monitoring is an absolute privilege. To hear each and every country that gets a good signal on the air; to hear all the pirate broadcasters who are truly the bad boys of radio, has been a past time of millions of people the world around.

We all have our own tastes in radio programming. The entire point put fast and simple is: WHY ARE CERTAIN STATIONS ALLOWED AN UNGODLY AMOUNT OF SPECTRUM? I'm referencing all the religious broadcasters, I'm talking about Radio Habana Cuba, I'm Talking about all of those stations that don't need half of an entire band to operate on! The stations named above are just two examples.

Christian broadcasting absolutely has it's place and I am one person who loves the good quality stuff such as Harvest Radio. One wonders how it is that stations get away with hogging spectrum that could be given to other stations. Is the ITU being manipulated by some stations execs? Have corporate interests been given special action to keep the shortwave bands open? Doom sayers have been spreading fear that radio spectrum will be sold off to the next highest bidder for ages and it has only happened in very small percentages. These small percentage of changes in spectrum to include the allocation of small portions of spectrum to other radio services do not rise in reailty to the level of a huge campaign to hog spectrum to make it all look legit.

Free up the spectrum for other stations that could give the bands some life once again!

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