Tuesday, October 21, 2008

NDB Stations

So, all these years hearing CW or voice stations sending out letters without anyone to ask about how to identify them has yielded results. NDB stations will likely account for some of the stations wrongfully identified as "Numbers/Letters" stations. NDB stations are Aviation beacons used for non-directional purposes as NDB's are non-directionsl beacons, hence the name NDB.

I heard one again last night and was able to identify it as a station in Texas. This station was heard on 207.00Khz in AM mode with CW. The below post regarding 530AM with CW being heard on the LSB will likely be a NDB.

According to sources, NDB's are not being maintained by the FAA and are therefore vanishing. Too bad, it's really nice to have something interesting to hear. Technology moves forward and with it can sometimes come a loss of a distinct signal on the air. Log em' while you can!

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