Tuesday, October 21, 2008

530AM - Chicago

Just two mornings ago while monitoring 530AM CW was actually heard just below the traffic advisory coming from the Lower Sideband. Due to difficulty copying, it's hard to say what the message was. If your state has an AM traffic advisory system, have you heard this as well? Were you actually able to confirm what the CW sent was? A beacon? Some other radio service also on the band? Maybe a station that drifted off frequency?

I'd like to hear your stories!

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Prof Digory said...

Have been hearing CW on 530AM in the central coast of California. There is no other audio. I do not know Morse code, but copied .-. .-- . which I believe is RWE. I don't know what normally broadcasts on this freq. Maybe the current storms have knocked out a station link to the transmitter and the transmitter is broadcasting an ID.