Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tonight's Medium Wave Log

12:00AM: 760 AM - News Radio WJR. Detriot, Michigan
These guys run a great program called the "Midnight Radio Network". They're just across the lake from me, so not a huge deal to get them in at around a solid S9.

12:30AM: 640 AM - Talk station competing for the band with a music station. My bet is that it's out of Boston, Mass.

12:40AM: 620 AM - Savage Nation? Program is competing for the band with a country music station. Hard to make any of them out except for the talk host trashing Chinese restaurants. Song playing at 12:43AM is "Wild Angels" Martina McBride maybe?

12:45AM: 700 AM - WLW in
Cincinnati, OH. "America's Trucking Network" following the lead of every other station on the air with endless discussions about Obama.

1:04AM: 750AM - WSB. Atlanta, Georgia. Neil Boortz show.

That's it for tonight. Check back tomorrow for more loggings.

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