Thursday, May 3, 2012

VOA To Shortwave America: Please Help Us Save The Spanish Service To Latin America!

An earlier article here broke the news of bureaucrats at the BBG committing perjury in front of the U.S. Congress.

Shortwave America has been directly in touch with a couple of people from VOA who have stepped forward with all they have to help save the VOA from being butchered for massive profit by scoundrels at the BBG. These sources have politely asked Shortwave America to help out in this movement. Their request is now being fulfilled by way of this piece asking YOU, the general public, whose tax dollars fund the VOA; whose tax dollars will have been wasted after decades of upstanding service by VOA if VOA gets knocked off of shortwave broadcast frequencies.

Would you please consider reading and signing this petition to help save the VOA Spanish service to Latin America? Perhaps no language is better recognized or as widely used as Spanish. What do you get in return for signing? You will add your voice to the Voice of America, our country's international voice to the world. You will have done something to help your tax dollars from being wasted, something to help people receive educational, informative, top - rate programming who would otherwise not have it due to draconian censorship.

Thanks for your time, and for helping save VOA one voice at a time!

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