Monday, May 28, 2012

Nash Holos With Paulette MacQuarrie To Air In Malta

Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio has a new relay station on board! Shortwave America is proud to announce that Malta University Broadcasting will carry Nash Holos with Paulette MacQuarrie starting June 9th, 2012 on frequency 103.7fm at 9pm Malta time, following News Hour from the BBC World Service! 

Paulette MacQuarrie has been a rising star in the world of radio ever since the beginning when she started working on Nash Holos and has worked hard to deserve this new business relationship. For those who are recent new readers / listeners to Shortwave America will now learn a little bit more about Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio and its importance to the people of Ukraine. 

Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio Features:

Upcoming Events ... in BC's Ukrainian Community.
NEW! Events Calendar. Submit your own event online.
Ukrainian Food Flair ... Recipes and audio files
Ukraine News Outlook ... with Keith Perron of PCJ Radio
Ukrainian Jewish Heritage ... featuring Meylakh Sheykhet of the Jewish Cultural Centre, Lviv (Courtesy Radio Nezalezhnist, Lviv) Last broadcast: December 20, 2011. Topic: Chanukah
Ukrainian Christian Heritage ... with Fr. Ihor Kutash of St. Mary the Protectress Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Montreal
Ukrainian proverb ... Народня мудрість
Did You Know? ... with Irena Bell, of the Ukrainian Program in Ottawa
Churches ... Ukrainian churches in BC

Information above is courtesy of the Official Nash Holos Website.

Paulette (Pawlina) Demchuk MacQuarrie has hosted and produced Nash Holos on AM1320 CHMB Vancouver since 2000. This makes Nash Holos 12 years old as of this year! The program went into international syndication in 2010, and is also carried by PCJ Radio, China Airlines during international long-haul flights, and Paulette continues to write and do desk-top publishing, and also co-hosts an internationally syndicated radio program with Keith Perron on the global media industry which airs weekly on AM, FM, Shortwave and satellite radio around the world. This is the Media Network Plus program, also featuring the Founder and Owner of Shortwave America, who sometimes fills in for Paulette and performs a weekly radio propagation forecast.

Learn more about Paulette and the other voices of Nash Holos here.

Thank you to the wonderful people at Malta University Broadcasting for choosing to have Nash Holos on their station! A grateful thank you also goes to Keith Perron at PCJ Radio for his work promoting the various talent featured on PCJ.


Pawlina said...
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Pawlina said...

Thanks so much for this lovely post, Dan! I am quite excited about this new development. Internet radio is great but the "old world" terrestrial radio broadcasting still has a certain cachet! And Keith has said that Malta University Broadcasting has exceptionally high standards, so it is a privilege to be on their station.

Shortwave_America said...

Anytime, Paulette! I am always learning something new about the world through international programming, and I have learned that Ukraine is one of the most under represented countries, cultures, and people. The world has learned to pay more attention to Russia, Poland, China, and the middle - east and it is only when they find that other countries and cultures have their own important history in the world around us, they will start to tune in and pay attention!