Saturday, March 17, 2012

Shortwave America Returns To Weekly Episodes and First Member Welcome!

Just recently, Shortwave America received the very first paid member of all time. Shortwave America members are never identified without permission, so, we will say a warm thank you to a person we will only call Shortwave America Member One!

When you pay for a membership, Shortwave America becomes empowered and enabled to bring you MORE than what those who simply view Shortwave America for free are receiving. Note that our readers and listeners who are not paying members are also important, and we want you here. We understand that some of you simply cannot afford to purchase a membership or live in places where PayPal is simply not available for you to use.

For more about Shortwave America memberships, please see the MEMBERSHIP FAQ

On March 16th, 2012, Shortwave America returned to broadcasting weekly episodes on The Look 24/7

A new program schedule is in place as follows: Programs at The Look 24/7 will only be heard on FRIDAY evenings from 0400UTC to 0800UTC (9PM Pacific, 11PM Central, and 12AM Eastern to 1AM Pacific, until 3AM Central, and 4AM Eastern)

Saturday shows have been canceled due to operational constraints.  



Anonymous said...

When will we be able to click and listen? Tom

Shortwave_America said...

Due to Canadian copyright laws, Tom, we are not going to podcast the weekly Look 24/7 shows. We will instead, be podcasting new shows separate from The Look 24/7.