Friday, March 23, 2012

Shortwave America Parts Ways With "The Look"

Fans and followers of Shortwave America,  

Effective immediately, the program will no longer be heard on The Look 24/7. In resigning from The Look 24/7, they have been extended an open door to them for other professional pursuits if they so wish. Shortwave America's parting from The Look 24/7 was done for the interest of both parties and done without any hard feelings. The station management at The Look 24/7 are truly good people and they will remain good friends.

The Look 24/7 offers some very high quality, unique programming. Shortwave America fans and followers who may have listened to the program there should continue to offer your listenership to them for the well presented material they offer. 

Shortwave America will continue to offer weekly and monthly programming as an independent, grassroots venture.  

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