Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tommy Jordan, Facebook Parent Under Investigation

Tommy Jordan, who is the parent of a teen aged girl he calls "Hannah" is currently under investigation by the city of Albermarle, North Carolina Police and the State of North Carolina Child Protection Agency (NC DSS)

Shortwave America obtained this statement above directly from the City of Albermarle, North Carolina Police.

Tommy Jordan made the horrible judgement of making a video and posting it on YouTube, depicting himself talking about a statement his daughter allegedly made about her life in her home with her parents and posting it on Facebook. Not only did this bad example of a father publicly humiliate his daughter, exposing her to grave emotional harm, but he also showed himself pulling his semi-automatic weapon, then proceeding to fire it several times into what he claimed was "Hannah's" laptop computer.

Concerns are mounting about Tommy Jordan's mental stability in regards to his ability to control his temper and questions are being asked about "Hannah's" safety in the home while Mr. Jordan is allowed to hold a gun license and a weapon.  Child protection agencies across the nation have a strict federal policy on their books that makes it a State Administrative Offense to even hold a gun license while having a child in the home. Owning a weapon while a child is residing in a home is an also a child protection offense and Child Protection Agencies are required under federal law to act when they find out that a parent owns a gun card or a weapon in the home.

No statement has yet been obtained from the North Carolina DSS about their investigation, and whether or not their will be an "indicated" or "unfounded" status on the case, and whether or not the family will be referred for mental health services they seem to really need. Albermarle Police state that Mr. Jordan did not break any laws, but child protection laws are separate from each state's criminal codes and have their own section of codified laws in each state.

Tommy Jordan is the owner / administrator of a North Carolina business called "Twisted Networx". 

This whole incident proves that the government needs to wake up and do whatever it takes to permanently force guns out of society. The second amendment is simply not needed anymore in light of the fact that we have better and more effective, sensible ways of problem solving in this modern day. The second amendment was written in a time when the only way to put food on the table was by hunting, and the only means of reasonable protection was with a gun because there were no organized police departments to serve and protect people at large.

We are not in those dark ages anymore, and guns in the hands of citizens who are not police officers or active members of the military are dangerous. Guns equal destruction and death, and that is the only purpose guns have. Leave the possession of and use of guns to the trained professionals.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't want a kid to get a paper cut from a gun card. Tom AB9NZ

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but that whole thing about there being any federal laws that prohibit guns in households where there are children? There is no such law.

CPS is required by federal law to remove child from parents who have gun cards? LOL!

Are you trolling?

Anonymous said...

Dan, not trolling, discussing. A gun card isn't a gun. You wrote "Child Protection Agencies are required under federal law to act when they find out that a parent owns a gun card or a weapon in the home." Act how? I've never heard this before. If someone with kids obtains a state gun card they're violating federal law? Which law? Best, Tom

Shortwave_America said...

For those asking about gun cards and gun ownership in regards to which law is violated in any of the given 50 states:

in the 90s, the federal government created the Child Protection Mandatory Reporter Act which made it federal law directing the 50 individual states to have and administer a child abuse, neglect, and dependency hotline for use by both the general public and those who are also federally mandated reporters.

Each state is allowed to have their own child abuse, neglect, and dependency reporting laws. Under Child Protection laws, which are CIVIL and ADMINISTRATIVE (regulatory in nature) and not criminal except in the worst cases where the actions of an individual are criminal under state or federal statute.

This being said, each state's child protection department gets to say what constitutes child abuse, neglect, dependency, and unacceptable trajectory of harm.

Each state child protection department is in mutual agreement that a parent, caregiver, or paramour who owns a gun card or owns a weapon by authorization of a gun card violates the "appropriate and safe" element of a home for a child, and therefore creates an unacceptable at-risk trajectory for harm to children.

I don't make the laws or parenting regulations. Just like anyone else, I have to simply know them and obey them.