Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chicago City Council Tells City Residents To "Shut - Up!"

Second City Cop brings what is known as the most accurate news around when it comes to the MOST CORRUPT CITY IN THE UNITED STATES.

SCC as they are most affectionately known, have brought forth news of the most offensive city council policy yet. According to SCC, Chicago is about to lose the Federal lawsuit against the Illinois Wiretapping Statute which currently makes ALL photography, video recording and audio recording a felony crime in Illinois. This lawsuit has been based on the 1st amendment. The ACLU, along with other legal supporters such as the National Lawyers Guild and Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy are winning. The Fraternal Order of Police are not supporting the 1st amendment right to free expression in this case .

Under the newest proposed city ordinance:

Some of the City Council’s most influential aldermen proposed a crackdown today on crowd participation at council meetings that would ban everything from signs and posters to clapping and booing in the public gallery.

“No demonstration of approval or disapproval from members of the public shall be permitted within the City Council Chambers, including, but not limited to cheering, yelling, clapping, foot stomping, whistling, booing, or jeering, and if such demonstrations are conducted, the gallery or public seating area may be cleared,” states the proposed ordinance, which goes to the Rules Committee for a hearing.

The changes also would prohibit “signs, placards, banners or posters” within the chambers, unless pre-approved by Mayor Rahm Emanuel or the alderman leading the meeting. The sponsors are Alds. Edward Burke, 14th, Richard Mell, 33rd, Carrie Austin, 34th, and Ray Suarez, 31st. - Quote from Second City Cop and Chicago Tribune.

Shortwave America has been following 1st amendment cases very closely over the past many years, and has spoken to some high ranking city law enforcement folks and attorneys specializing in 1st amendment cases on the issues of first amendment rights, and there is something that the main stream media is not telling ANYONE!

When the G8 and NATO summits arrive in Chicago and for the duration of these events, Chicago Police have already arranged with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to shut off ALL cellular phone and internet service citywide, and jam all radio frequencies that are not being used for official public safety purposes. Active word on the street is that amateur radio, citizens band, FRS, GMRS, MURS, and shortwave radio users will be specific targets for a combination of jamming and harassment.

Chicago Aldermen to Chicago Police: Don't Cut Cellular / Wireless Service

Chicago Police deny that any such plan exists, but longtime Chicago residents and political activists know better. 

According to trustworthy contacts on this matter, anyone and everyone observed with ANY communications equipment or cell phones with cameras, actual camera equipment including portable digital cameras, hand held digital recording equipment, or other related items will be stopped, detained, and likely arrested on bogus charges ranging from felony disorderly conduct to terrorism charges.

The city of Chicago was recently handed their own heads on a silver platter by a Federal Judge for abusing their arrest powers against Iraq War Protesters in 2003, and ordered by the court to pay more than 6 million dollars in damages. Given the history of Chicago Police brutality and mistreatment towards most anyone who decides to exercise their 1st amendment rights via protest actions or even individual statements, most recently, Occupy Chicago members who are now in court fighting to have their arrests nullified and voided due to 1st and 14th amendment violations.

Further investigation by Shortwave America reveals that the City of Chicago is now being sued by a Chicago resident who was manhandled by a Chicago Police SGT. while using his cell phone, and the SGT. at the same scene just moments earlier, allowed a white filmer to leave the scene without being detained or otherwise subjected to any hassle.

Other cases we cannot forget and which lend credibility to this article: Chicago's actions towards protesters at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, the John Burge torture scandal, the Chicago Police terror scandal involving victims David Stewart and Sharon Wilkins, history repeating itself regarding Chicago Police corruption in the 002nd district involving arrests of CPD personnel, the Chicago Police "Arturo's Tacos" beating of a civilian in the 014th district, the 1993 gang fight amongst police officers during roll call in the 014th district, and the recent case in which Chicago Police attempted to stop a female subject from filing a report of serious officer misconduct by applying the Illinois wiretap statute against her when she recorded them attempting to suppress her (she was found not guilty), oh, yeah...the 2010 FBI raid on an innocent Logan Square - Chicago couple orchestrated by Chicago Police who were cooperating with the FBI because they dared to attend a protest.

Chicago's current Mayor, Rahm Emmanuel, is directly tied to terrorism by way of his own father.

There is confirmed word through various dependable channels in contact with Shortwave America that the city has already told Chicago's local media that they are only to report what they are told to report  by city, state, and federal officials. (in regards to the G8 and NATO summits, and police / emergency activity)

Chicago = the old USSR, current day China, or North Korea. The Chicago way is alive and continually embarrasses the entire planet.


Anonymous said...

Dan, you said "Chicago = the old USSR, current day China, or North Korea. The Chicago way is alive and continually embarrasses the entire planet."- I don't understand why you want them armed against the people as per your previous posting. Just sayin'- Tom

Shortwave_America said...

Tom, tis the ONLY legal way to prove tyranny. If citizens utilize their 2nd amendment rights they will be seen as the provacateurs and aggressors. IF the people are unarmed and are attacked, they then have an open and shut case against the government. Government prosecutors will always argue that way and a judge will always buy it.

Anonymous said...

Dan, saw on the news this morning that the mayor wants riot gear even for the police horses. Please be careful Dan. Very best, Tom