Thursday, February 2, 2012

Illinois Representative John D'Amico Agrees To Amend Distracted Driving Bill

                                     THIS IS A QST!

Today, just before 11AM Central time, yours truly spoke with Illinois House Representative John D'Amico via his Legislative Aide. The author/co-author of Illinois' newest "distracted driving" bill has agreed to exempt Licensed Amateur Radio Operators in the emergency responder section of these bills. 

The conversation with John via his aide was very productive. John and his office took time out to hear the compelling reasons Licensed Amateur Radio Operators with a valid and current FCC license should be exempted. At last contact with John's aide, John was literally in the act of pulling the bill(s) off the table to write the amended version(s) adding the exemption for Amateur Radio Operators. 

John and his office were VERY kind and professional people in regards to this matter. Please visit the link above to thank John for taking this action, and standing by the volunteer emergency communicators of Illinois. 

Addendum to this post as of 2/05/2012: State Representative Chuck Krezwick - WV9C has helped Shortwave America, worked with the amateur radio community, and Representative D'Amico to finally see the official amended bill become reality. See the amended version of this bill exempting both AMATEUR RADIO OPERATORS and CB OPERATORS from this bill.  


Anonymous said...

I need to get my ham radio plates for my truck. Thanks Dan, Tom AB9NZ

Anonymous said...

Your like a dog on a bone! Thanks again Dan. This got huge airplay over at that other radio website. I wish the discussion was over here at this superfly website, where it deserves to be. Very best, Tom