Saturday, April 16, 2011


Some restructuring news out of the Ukraine that’s bad news for ham radio operators in that nation. This, as the Ukrainian government has affirmed new rules for amateur radio operations that have resulted in spectrum losses on the High Frequency, UHF and microwave bands.

According to an e-mail from Alexander Doshchich, UY0LL, the spectrum withdrawn from access by Ukranian hams includes 10.100 to 10.150 and 14.250 to 14.350 MHz on the HF bands. On UHF an above the losses include 1240 to 1300 MHz, 2300 to 2450 MHz, 5670 to 5850 MHz and numerous other spectrum slots right on up to 248 to 250 GHz.

From Paulette MacQuarrie

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Shortwave_America said...

What does the Ukrainian Government need with these frequencies? Restricting hams like this leads to even more restrictions and huge problems in-between now and later. The international community of amateurs need to speak up to support our Brothers & Sisters living under this rule!