Wednesday, April 20, 2011

China Radio International Spotlights Autism: Children Of The Stars

Children Of The Stars is the new documentary in China aimed at educating the public about Autism. For those who may not be aware, April is Autism Awareness Month. The spotlight on Autism this month by China Radio International presents a compassionate, balanced, perspective on multiple aspects of what life is like for the children and their families who live with the unique challenges of Autism. Listen HERE

Autism affects not only millions of children and other people of all ages in China, but also all over the world. Shortwave America would like to ask it's audience to pass this piece on to anyone who may benefit from it. Today's medical professionals do not particularly like making an Autism diagnosis nor do they enjoy the process of working to detect this problem because they openly say that with all of the awareness campaigns, Autism has been over-diagnosed and they are afraid of making a needless diagnosis.

Oftentimes, Sensory Processing Disorder  and Autism look alike. Children and even older people with these disorders are oftentimes misdiagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, and a range of Personality Disorders due to the complexity of what Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism are and how they manifest in each person. There is a push developing by large groups of parents and a growing network of medical professionals, social workers, and others to make Sensory Processing Disorder part of the Autism spectrum because of the characteristics these two disorders appear to share with each other when it comes to the specifics of daily routines, communication difficulties, learning challenges, development, and behavior.

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