Saturday, April 16, 2011

A-11 Shortwave Schedules Are Up!

AOKI TXT File (Text)

AOKI Zip File
Zip file contains a spreadsheet (XLS) file

EiBi TXT File (Text)

EiBi PDF File (Portable Document File) requires adobe PDF reader or other PDF software.

EiBi Microsoft Word File (Open Office will also work for this) 
This is a ZIP file!

HFCC A-11 Schedule (ZIP File) contains the following:

Shortwave Broadcast Schedule
Station Administration Reference
Broadcaster Reference
Antenna Listing with comments field
Broadcaster Language Table Reference
Global Transmitter Site Table Reference
All of these are in standard ITU Format!

Also see the HFCC Transmission and Programme schedules by Broadcasters and FMOs
Each station has their specific schedule listed with a link right next to their station name. 
Click the link to see the schedule.

Here is also a quick listing from Dan Ferguson at NASWA: Dan does lots of work to get this stuff together and Shortwave America is thankful to Dan for sharing this with us via direct e-mail. You can also find this posted at the NASWA site and at the mail list.

The Aoki schedule file was updated earlier today - see .

The EiBi A11 file was posted yesterday - see .

The HFCC schedule file was updated yesterday - see .

The PTSW file was updated April 4 - see .

The FCC schedule file was last updated March 24 - see 

The Radio Netherlands schedule file was updated yesterday - see .

The Deutsche Welle schedule file was updated April 11 - see,,1777509,00.html .

The Media Broadcast file was updated April 11 - see .

The NASWA Combined schedule file, with all these and more, in a single Excel spreadsheet, as well as text and Perseus versions (all zipped) was posted this morning. has the following files available for everyone as well:

A-11 Combined Schedule built on 16 April 2011, zipped text version of the schedules, zipped version of the schedules for PERSEUS users, and a modified txt file with shortened names for Perseus users.

Please note that these files just are modified broadcas.txt files that makes the HFCC schedules a little easier to read, per Dan Ferguson.  Thanks for the information!

Here is the Media Broadcast A-11 Schedule direct link! (PDF File)

Happy listening everyone! Share what you hear, it really helps the flow of information in the radio community as well as helping your fellow radio enthusiast & fellow radio amateurs to stay informed about all sorts of useful items happening in radio all around us.

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