Monday, December 13, 2010

Welcome Waveguides!

Waveguides is a new podcast introduced by Pete Landry, VE2XPL in Canada. Waveguides is recorded every Thursday evening on the SouthCARS T.N.T. Open-Forum Net (20:00 E.S.T. on EchoLink
(node 96140), *SCARS* conference server, operated by the South Coast
Amateur Radio Service - over 10,000 members strong).

This net has been operating since 2009 and now the podcasts are available to the world at large, and that is assuming you live in a country that hasn't blocked this type of media. If you are interested in this media and you live where censors won;t let you access it, please let Shortwave America know and it will get passed to you for free to help promote this net and help continue to grow good will among radio enthusiasts. 

You can also see the SouthCARS VOIP Site

Pete is the Executive Producer of the wAVEgUIDES pODcAST and SouthCARS TNT Open-Forum. You can see the entire post at QRZ .

Background about Pierre "Pete" Landry can be found here

Shortwave America wishes this new effort great success and will likely offer access to this podcast right here in the future.


Anonymous said...

I think my attention span has been ruined by the internet. I listened for about 12 minutes and just heard a net. Anyone know when the cutting edge stuff starts? Tom

Shortwave_America said...

My guess Tom, is that this is new and it will take them time to get into a groove or find their niche within this offering.

Let's be patient and watch to see how it grows.