Monday, December 27, 2010

Following The BBC World Service Drama

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is in trouble and people are asking questions only to get the usual corporate canned response from BBC, which is usually just enough to satisfy the public until the next chapter of the drama starts. The RNW Media Network blog has been following each and every publicized media release regarding the BBC. Shortwave America decided to go through the RNW Media Network Archives and do a few things with very specific intentions.

The overall goal and objectives here are to analyze each and every move made by the BBC to separate fact from fiction, to ask if any of BBC's actions make any real sense from either the business perspective or the common sense perspective, and to then ask why it is it would appear that relations between the BBC and the body of British Government responsible for granting funding and licensure to the BBC seem to have broken down. Once these tasks were complete, the next sets of questions arising have to do with how all of this affects the corporate leadership and it's relationship with the Journalists Union and the BBC Journalists themselves.  

Shortwave America then went digging around the Official BBC Website for anything relating to all of these shenanigans that would either shed light on the facts, contradictory statements, vague statements, material that would show either BBC's willingness to be candid and transparent or to use other material as a way of helping the public to become distracted from the very real problems at BBC.

Without any further waiting, here are the RNW Media Network Blog Archives pertaining to the BBC in exact order from the earliest reports to the most current reports. Shortwave America readers can come to their own conclusions as to the above noted questions.

Former BBCWS Drama Boss Criticizes Axing Of Plays 

BBC World Service Could lose Half Its Staff: Press Report

BBC Launches HD Sound For Radio

BBC World Service To Be Funded From Domestic License Fee

BBC Complete Sound Effects Library Now Available On

New BBC - DW DRM Channel For South Asia

BBC Journalists To Strike In November Over Pensions

BBC Burmese To Add Extra Transmissions

BBC World Service Cuts Risk 300 Jobs

BBC Journalist Strike Knocks Flagship Shows Off Air

BBC Urdu Launches Single Number For Mobile News

NUJ Offers To Suspend BBC Pension Strikes

BBC Joins United States Military Handing out Free Radios In Afghanistan

BBC & Discovery Communications Announce New Partnership

Vandals Force BBC Radio Wales 882Khz Off Air

Here are the findings at the Official BBC Website: NOTHING! Not one word! BBC has stayed absolutely quiet at it's public website.

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