Friday, December 24, 2010

2010 Christmas Programming & Other Christmas Radio Offerings

Glenn Hauser has this offering: World Of Radio Calendar / Monitoring Reminders

DogHouseCharlie has this offering: Christmas & Seasonal Programming

PCJ Radio offers this: PCJ Christmas Programming December 24th to December 25th
Direct link to PCJ Radio Christmas Video at Vimeo

Amateur Operators may want to pay attention to their specific regions on HF, local FM repeater sub-bands, and FM simplex. Never know what ya might hear! Any interesting Christmas reports can be submitted to Shortwave America here in the comments section, or post your findings at HFUnderground, and RadioReference.

Amateur Station KE5GGY brings us this news: Santa On 3.916.00Khz Christmas Eve

Shortwave America would like to wish everyone from all over the world a Merry Christmas / Happy Holiday. Knowing that not every culture celebrates Christmas, but rather has their own celebration at this time of year, Shortwave America wants to wish you a happy celebration, no matter what you call it!

As always at this time of year, Shortwave America wants to remind everyone where ever you are to make sure you have a designated driver or that you can make arrangements to stay with someone if you feel the need to drink. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE! 

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