Thursday, October 29, 2009

Update: Following The Cuban Numbers Lady

The Cuban Numbers Lady is at it again, and there is even more reason to suspect within reason that RHC may be hosting the transmitter used for this one way transmission of cryptic numbers.

A thread at a popular internet radio hobbyist site started on 10-26-09 that speaks about how the recent transmission went down. The person who started the thread states to have a recording of the end of the transmission. The "lady" said "Tonight" three times and then all you heard was a phone ringing in the background. "5.900.00 AM Voice Radio Habana Cuba now on the air at 5.742.00 / 5.745.00 AM just at the same time the Cuban Numbers Station goes QRT without warning". A witness to her transmissions in voice and CW had the same observation in regards to a phone ringing. "I heard this all last night from 0400 -0800 on 5800 5810 5988 5900 with either cw or voice, phone ringing and wierd bust pattern noise i never heard before." says the witness.

Strangely enough, these transmissions use the same numbers pad more than once. Very unusual for a numbers station to do. The numbers pads do get changed around, but then they use one of them again at a later date when they think people may have forgotten.

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