Friday, October 30, 2009

Passport To World Band Radio On Life Support

When Police Call went to the radio publication heaven to be fondly remembered, it wasn't long before Lindsay Blanton and the entire radio community knew that a reference had to be designed and published. Blanton worked many hard, long, hours to make what we all enjoy as Radio Reference.

Passport To World Band Radio is now in the same position as Police Call, only the author isn't anywhere near dead. It looks like the economy and the internet have coupled to make a deadly force meet a longstanding, time honored publication that has never ever lost it's value.

Most of us radio hobbyists and even those who are paid professionals in the industry will agree that this is a rather rude thing to happen! Not that anything is fair in respects to radio, but that's another discussion. Everyone rally around and support Passport To World Band Radio!

In case this treasure of a publication ever does die, we hope Lindsay Blanton would make it a feature of his Radio Reference empire! How about it Lindsay?

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