Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Happy Station Show Is Happy Once Again!

Keith Perron, who is a popular veteran shortwave personality has re-surfaced as the host of the "Happy Station Show" on the 41 meter band, broadcasting from Taiwan. The Happy Station show has been around since 1928. This popular shortwave website reports on the show.

A photo history of the Happy Station Show can be found here.

Keith Perron has worked hard during his career. To be the host of what has been dubbed the "new" "Happy Station Show" is a treat given the show's long history. Keith is a fun, outgoing, professional man who has built his life around radio broadcasting. This link takes you to Keith's Bio.

The Happy Station Show can be heard on this schedule:

The Happy Station Show broadcast schedule via WRMI to North and South America: 0100-0155 UTC Thursdays on 9955 kHz Repeated 1500-1555 UTC Thursdays on 9955 kHz

In addition, Keith has a Facebook page and is also the owner of "The Happy Station Show" Facebok page where fans and the public at large can keep up with the show.

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