Thursday, January 15, 2015

Global 24 Radio - Failure at The Outset?

Global24 Radio launched as a new shortwave service on October 31st, 2014. as with any other Halloween event, it seems that Global24 was in an eerie place from the start.

It was said that Global24 was going to revitalize shortwave radio, and Jeff White, who owns WRMI in Miami, Florida, said he was excited to see a long overdue commercialization of shortwave.

It is now the middle of January 2015, and none of these things are even close to happening. PCJ Radio International said they will no longer update their programming slot on Global 24 because of broken / unfulfilled promises on their deal with PCJ.

Here's a Global24 Forum thread where a listener calls Global24 out on their many promises that never came true, and a Global24 station staff member saying that it will be many more months:

Listeners have repeatedly told Global24 that they could not hear them, and listeners are also complaining that there has been a cold response or even a non-response to their reception reports. This Global24 forum thread reveals those woes:

One of GLOBAL24'S worst choices was to pick only one frequency for a 24 hour broadcast operation. 9395 kHz is the 31meter band, good for overnight and early morning broadcast, whereas a higher frequency is needed for daytime operation, preferably the 21 or 25 meter bands.

Rumor has it that Jeff White advised them that they needed to do something like what was described above.

At this time, we know that Global24 started broadcasting without a schedule firmly in place per their own admission. At this time, the perception is that Global24 was put together haphazardly and without much forethought.