Shortwave America - Amateur Radio Listening Gallery

This listening gallery is organized differently from the shortwave broadcast listening gallery. This gallery is organized by FCC Amateur Radio Call Areas 1 to 0 (10) from West to East, ITU, IOTA, and Non-ITU Region when it comes to the international focus. Net listings and club listings can be found on this page for your convenience. For information about the assigned ITU region and CQ Zones for each call district of the U.S.A., please see the AC6V Call District Page

Please note that these feeds are hosted at RadioReference by volunteer persons who are not paid to do this and audio feeds may not always be on-line. If you discover problems with a feed, please contact the feed owner / admin at RadioReference.

United States Amateur Radio Call Districts

Area 6 - Hawaii & California residents or those who passed their exams in these areas.
Note that amateur radio callsigns beginning with KH are specifically assigned to Hawaii residents or those who obtained their calls while either living in Hawaii or passed their exam in Hawaii.

N6NFI Alameda Repeater 145.230Mhz

The Renegade Repeater....The Big 435. Listen with caution - explicit conduct

PAPA System D-Star

PAPA System - Analog system

Multi-State Repeater System

K6HOG UHF Repeater System

W6QET UHF System (Repeater off-line at this time)

Inland Empire Area Repeater System

Tri-County Amateur Radio Repeater System

KI6IES Repeater

Fallbrook Amateur Club

San Mateo ARES

Shasta, California - Oregon Connection Repeaters
Area 7 - Alaska, Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Arizona residents or those who passed their exams in these areas. Note that KL7 calls were issued to residents of Alaska or those who passed their exams in Alaska.

Western Washington Repeaters

Idaho Statewide System

Montana Multi-State System

Westpoint UHF Repeater

Snowbird Repeater System

Pima, Az. Oro Valley System

Pima, Az. K7ICU

Area 0 - Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri residents or those who passed their exams in these areas.

Brookings Area Amateur Repeaters

N0NHB Repeater System

K0USA System

Douglas County Amateur Emcomm System

Caprock Intertie System

Witchita Repeater System

Hennepin, MN South Metro Area Skywarn

Olmstead, MN RARC System

W0EAS System

K0CNM System

Central Iowa Amateur System

W0BRC System

Warrensburg System

K0MPT System

St. Louis Skywarn

Area 5 - New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi residents or those who passed their exams in these areas.

Mac Pass Multi-State System

Texas Salt Grass Link System

Texas Caprock Intertie Link System

Tarrant County RACES & ARES Repeater System

Gulf Coast NASSA Repeater System

Wichita County ARES Storm Spotters

Oklahoma WX5LAW Amateur Skywarn System

WX5OKC Repeater System

Green County Amateur Repeater System

Bartlesville Amateur Radio Repeater System

Amateur Radio Skywarn Kan-Okla Intertie System

CAREN (Central Arkansas Radio Emergency Net)

Baxter, AR. IRLP Node 3342

Batesville, AR. Area Radio Club

Pine Bluff Amateur Radio Club UHF System

W5RHS Skywarn Repeater

WD5MHZ Repeater

Louisiana Saltgrass Linked System

Louisiana KB5AVY Linked System

No feeds found for Mississippi

Area 9 - Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana residents or those who passed their exams in these areas.

Wisconsin Midwest Severe Storm Tracking Response Storm Center

FISHFAR - WA9VGI Illinois Statewide Linked System
also used for Illinois Skywarn WB9AGH operations.

W9ANL Repeater - Argonne Amateur Radio Club

Argonne ARC Club Website

Dearborn, Indiana - Cincinnati Area Skywarn

Merrilville, Indiana W9LJ System

Indiana -Marion Skywarn 

Indiana - Monroe County Skywarn

Indiana Statewide W9WIN System

Indiana - Tippecanoe ARES & Skywarn

Area 4 - Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Florida residents or those who passed their exams in these areas.

No Alabama Listings At This Time

Cincinnati Area Skywarn (WARN) WB8CRS

Tennessee (Grundy) NQ4Y Repeater with Echolink 2043

Tennessee (Knox) Radio Amateur Club Of Knoxville 147.300

Tennessee (Rutherford County)  ARES & Skywarn

Tennessee (Sullivan County) Skywarn / General Use Repeaters

Tennessee (Washington County) WM4T Repeater

North Carolina (Alexander) Skywarn For Catawba County & Surrounding Area

North Carolina (Bladen) NN4NC Echolink 351930 & IRLP 4442

North Carolina (Chatham) Central Carolina Skywarn

South Carolina (Berkeley) Tri-County Echolink 146.445

South Carolina (Charleston) Charleston Area Amateur Repeaters

South Carolina (Pickens) WX4PG Pickens County Skywarn / RACES

Georgia (Bibb County): 2 Repeaters -
AA4RI Macon County Amateur Repeater 145.430

W4BKM Repeater

Georgia (Fulton County) Amateur Radio Multi-State Repeater System

Georgia (Newton County) WA4ASI System

Georgia Walton County Systems

Florida (Broward County) Motorola Amateur Radio Club Repeater 146.790

Florida (Broward County) D-Star Repeaters

Florida (Broward County) UHF 70cm KF4LZA Repeaters - 443.625 & 443.750

Florida (Broward County) AC4XQ Repeater

Florida (Lee / Charlotte Counties) Amateur Repeaters

Florida (Lee County) KN2R UHF IRLP 4171 & Echolink 41712 Repeater

Florida (Hillsborough County) NI4CE Repeater System

Florida (Orange County) K4ZPZ UHF 70cm Repeater 443.100

Florida - Osceola County: 3 Repeaters

K4SLB UHF 70cm Repeater System 444.450

N4ARG - 2 Meter Repeater System

N4GUS - 2 Meter Repeater System 146.7000 - Old Town

Florida (Sarasota County) KB2WVY Repeater System

Area 3 - Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Maryland, Delaware residents or those who passed their exams in these areas.

Pennsylvania (Crawford County) Erie & Crawford Counties Skywarn Amateur Radio Operations

Pennsylvania (Erie County) Erie County Skywarn

Pennsylvania (Franklin) HF SSB & Franklin County Repeaters

Pennsylvania (Mercer County) Greenville KE3JP Repeater

Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Philadelphia Area Repeater Systems 146.580

Pennsylvania (Washington County) Monessen Amateur Radio Club 147.225 Repeater System

No feeds found in Washington D.C.

Maryland (St. Mary's County) SCMARA K3HKI - 2 Meter K3HKI Repeater
No feeds found for Delaware

Area 2 - New York, New Jersey residents or those who passed their exams in these areas.

Bronx, NY - KB2NGU Repeaters

Erie, NY - Lancaster Amateur Radio Club W2SO 147.255 Repeater

Erie, NY - WB2JPQ IRLP 9050

Rockland, NY - N2ACF UHF System 443.850

Suffolk, NY: 3 repeater systems listed

W2YMM System

WR2UHF 444.700 IRLP Node 4700

W2GSB 1.25 Meter System IRLP 7737 on 223.860Mhz

Westchester, NY - PCARA 146.670Mhz System

Camden, NJ HF SSB Receiver 80 to 10 Meters 

Cape May, NJ Cape May Counties Amateur Repeater System

Mercer, NJ Central NJ ARES/RACES Repeater System

Passaic, NJ: 2 systems listed
Passaic County ARES-RACES North/Back-Up

Passaic County ARES-RACES North/NNJ ARES/ARC

Area 1 -Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachussetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut residents or those who passed their exams in these areas.

Belknap, NH CNHARC W1JY 146.985Mhz ARES/Skywarn

Rockingham, NH AC1U 145.710 Echolink Node 11428

Barnstable, MA Cape Cod Area Amateur Repeaters & Echolink Systems

Bristol, MA W1MLD Repeater System

Dukes, MA Southeast Massachusetts Amateur Radio

Middlesex, MA WB1GOF System on 146.955Mhz

Plymouth, MA Southeast Massachusetts Amateur Radio System

Hartford, CT New England Area D-Star System

Hartford, CT KB1AEV Northern CT Linked Repeaters

New Haven, CT W1SPC System

Note that there is an exception to the above callsign rule when it comes to people who are residents of a certain call district or who passed their exams in a certain call district: The FCC issues vanity callsigns and this means that someone with a specific call may not live in a specific call area and may have passed their test anywhere in the U.S.! The FCC, however, DOES NOT issue vanity calls with the following prefixes: KL, KH, WX. WX prefixes are specifically assigned to the U.S. National Weather Service Office Amateur Radio Liasion Stations.

ITU Region Areas

AC6V Callsign Prefix Page (Includes U.S.A., International, International World Maps, etc)

International Non- ITU Areas

United States Amateur Radio Emergency Communications - ARES, RACES

United States Emergency Radio Communications Auxilliaries - MARS, SHARES, CAP, Coast Guard Aux

International Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Entities

United States Amateur Radio Net Listings

United States Amateur Radio Club Listings

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