Monday, September 21, 2009

Mobile Wireless Restrictions, ARRL & FCC 97.113 Drama, 14.275 Enforcement Coming?

In the link attached here, the ARRL received a letter from the NSC (National Safety Council) in regards to their stance on mobile Amateur Radio Operation.

Here is an ARRL article on 97.113, which governs Amateur communications in the sense that such communications may not be done for profit whether direct or indirect. This rule also says that an amateur operator may not make transmissions on behalf of an employer for which they work.

W0WLS received an e-mail from Laura Smith stating that his participation in an Emcomm drill mandated by the state at the hospital where he works, was a violation of 97.113
No FCC action was taken beyond a stern e-mail reminding him of what is right and wrong.

N5FDL had this to say on the subject. He is working on a NPRM to allow municipal employees who are licensed amateurs to be able to participate on or off the clock in amateur radio emcomm volunteer activities.

A thread at QRZ touched on the interpretation per Laura Smith and whether or not it could put Amateurs in a Catch 22 type of situation.

Laura has been doing an excellent job in her role as Special Counsel for the FCC to include cleaning up the unlicensed ten meter scandal in which truckers were using non-type accepted radios on the amateur portion of ten meters without an amateur license.