Friday, October 18, 2013

Remembering Carl Kubik - K9ZOG

Carl Kubik was a man known by many for his warm welcome, his loyal friendship, good conversation, and for running what has always been the classiest repeater anywhere. Carl was THE man at the top of the chain of command at the Western Area FM Repeater Club (WAFAR) on frequency 146.670Mhz in west and northwest suburban Illinois. The WAFAR repeater also reaches well into Chicago, Il.

Carl Kubik faced health struggles in his final days, and finally departed for his eternal rest on August 6th, 2013. Carl wasn't well known for slowing down, he had always been set in his ways and refused to let anything in life be left unattended. Carl kept an order in his life, he knew his priorities, and his wife, Lisa - KB9INI, was at the top of that list.

If ever there can be a unique story told about an amateur radio couple in love, a couple well-dedicated to each other where it was clearly evident that they were each others' trusted best friend, it is that of Carl and Lisa. This author first heard about Carl's passing during a recent Lunch Bunch net on the W9DUP repeater. Lisa, if you ever get to read this: Carl was someone the community was proud of. Carl was well-respected because you had both built a once in a lifetime connection that extended into a great group of people at WAFAR.

If Carl knew how to do anything successfully, it was that he KNEW how to use radio for networking people together, and you were always successful as his trusted side-kick, best friend, and confidant. YOU helped Carl make it all work, and it made for a great team! This author has never had a greater privilege than to work with you and Carl at the Berwyn, Illinois Centennial Parade and to have been at one of the WAFAR Christmas parties.

I have had the privilege and honor of once having been the WAFAR net control for the Tech net back in time. THAT was a fun experience I actually miss today. One of Carl's other talents was somehow being a calm influence in times of conflict in the Chicago suburban amateur radio circles. When people needed refuge from negativity, and wanted to use a repeater where they could have intelligent conversations, or just a bit of fun and relaxation...WAFAR was it, and Carl was THAT person who provided that opportunity.

Carl Kubik has left behind a legacy of honesty and integrity in the Chicago suburban amateur radio crowd, and for as many people who ever knew him or had shared the WAFAR repeater with him, or ever worked with him during an emergency, a planned community event, a field day, etc, we knew Carl always operated above board with full transparency.

His distinctive voice was instantly recognized. His famous trademark quote was "One day at a time, one moment at a time". Carl would sign his call with this cheerful voice almost each time, and you would hear, "This is K9ZOG listening" in this sort of professional commercial voice with his original way of dragging the 9 out in the call at the end of the word, followed by the "Z" in a short hang, then OG. This was almost enough to make some people think about the old WKRP TV show theme.

Many times as Carl would be zipping around town in the car, it was almost routine to hear him on the simplex output frequency of the repeater talking to Lisa - KB9INI. Again, this is where we observed the inseparable bond between Carl and Lisa. Maybe perhaps some day, Lisa might allow this author to document their story.

The hope on this end is that Carl's journey into eternity happened peacefully, comfortably, and with his faithful Lisa at his side, as well as other close family.

For historical reference only, here is the memorial remembrance information for Carl's services:

Wake / Visitation:
Friday, August 09, 2013
Mount Auburn Funeral Home

Mount Auburn Memorial Park

In the event that the guest book for Carl should ever disappear, here are the comments left there as of 10/18/2013

"I have known Carl for a number of years via Amateur Radio. Carl was always a great source of technical information. Sharing Carl's company on Tuesday night get togethers was always a pleasant experience and working Field Days with Carl was always a great experience. Carl is going to be missed by all of his many friends.
Steve Brichta,
Darien, Illinois

Carl and I have worked together on numerous water systems for the Villages in this area for the past 30 years. He was truly a customer oriented person. We will miss him in the waterworks field. May he rest in peace.
Robert Novotny,
Countryside, Illinois 
Carl Kubik is the second significantly known amateur radio operator in the Chicago and suburban area to pass away since 2011. The last significant loss in the Chicago and suburban area prior to Carl's passing, was that of Paul Streeter - AB9PS.

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