Friday, December 21, 2012

Remember Sandy Hook Elementary

All names and photographs are courtesy of ABC 7 Television. Those not shown here are listed in the victim list above the photos. Shortwave America wishes to pass on deep condolences to everyone in Newtown, Connecticut. You will not be forgotten. Your lives mattered. Those who survived this horrible tragedy will forever be scarred, but know you have the support of caring and loving people around the world. Shortwave America will be participating in the moment of silence today, December 21st, 2012. 

We, the loving and compassionate members of society around the world will do our part to ensure that everything that can be done IS done to forever stop the loss of our innocent. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Shortwave America Status - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

For all of those who frequent Shortwave America, you have noticed a lack of things happening here. That absence of activity has to do with a combination of health issues, business decision making, technical issues, and really, just a lack of anything truly newsworthy that would normally be presented here.The health, business, and technical issues are being worked towards a resolve.

There was supposed to be a Thanksgiving show for all of you, but, health concerns interfered once again. With any luck, a Christmas show will be posted here for all of you if things go right. Behind the scenes, Shortwave America is slowly but surely working on the new categories of shows mentioned earlier on. One new show that is also being written for future use here is a reflection going back twenty years on the music and influence of Mark Heard, who passed away in 1992 after performing what would be his final show in southern Illinois.

This show will take us back to Mark's death, and will explore how Mark's memory lives on to this day, how his work continues to influence his peers and fans, and what Mark's life still means to everyone who knew him.

In the meantime, the holidays are coming quickly. Shortwave America wishes everyone a happy, safe, memorable, Christmas and New Years!

Please enjoy the Christmas greeting video posted below, compliments of PCJ Radio and Shortwave America.


Massive World-Wide Internet Disruption

Venturebeat is reporting that Facebook has encountered what looks like a massive failure of their DNS. This has resulted in Facebook being unavailable for millions or more people world-wide, and along with this, GMail, and X-Box have also been affected by some unknown massive failure that some are speculating could also be DNS related, but no one yet knows for sure.

At this time, some rumors are going around blaming Anonymous, and Anonymous has not yet taken credit for any of this. Anonymous has stated on Twitter that they have not had anything to do with this massive outage of the named internet sites.

Twitter user, "Roastydog" had this to say: "Facebook is down? Haha losers, your silly social networking site died hahaha -says everyone on a social networking site"

As of 1747 hours CDT, Anonymous has reported that Facebook seems to be slowly recovering from this disaster involving their DNS.