Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Amateur Radio 10th Anniversary Of 9-11-01: Special Event Station Listing

Shortwave America is proud to present to you the list of special event stations operating on the amateur radio bands in remembrance of the 10th anniversary of 9-11-01.

Before we get to the list, this publication wishes to express gratitude beyond words for our United States Armed Services members, Police Officers, Firemen, Paramedics,  Emergency Management workers, and those in the private sector who served that day in a Public Safety capacity. Whether or not you are full time, auxillary, paid or volunteer. You all mean a lot to the citizens of the U.S.!!

Whether in time of peace or war, you are valuable and you are remembered each and every day. The families who have lost loved ones on that day are just as valuable, and YOU are remembered!! May this upcoming day of remembrance, and mourning serve to unite our communities even in the face of national hardship.

Without further waiting, here is the list of special event amateur radio stations celebrating the 10th anniversary of 9-11-01:

The Pentagon Amateur Radio Club, K4AF, will be on the air 7 AM-9 PM Saturday, September 10 (1100-0100 UTC, Saturday, September 10 through Sunday, September 11). This is in remembrance of American Airlines Flight 77. More information at the Pentagon Amateur Radio club website.

The Blair Amateur Radio Society, W3PN, will be operating N3U/FLT93 from September 8-15 in memoriam of United Flight 93 that crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Dedicated to United Airlines Flight 93.

The Northeast Wireless Radio Club, N2WC, will be on the air Sunday, September 11 from 12 noon until 6 PM EDT (1700-2300 UTC).

Kings County Repeater Association, KC2RA, will be on the air 9 AM-5 PM EDT (1300-2100 UTC) on Saturday, September 10. Look for KC2RA on 7.250 and 14.295 MHz, as well as EchoLink node 132967 (KC2LEB-R) and the KC2RA repeater at 146.430 (CTCSS 136.5).

The Symbol Technologies Amateur Radio Club, W2SBL, will be on the air September 10-11 on the following frequencies: 3.911, 7.240, 14.070 and 50.135 MHz, as well as D-STAR REF10C. STARC members will read the name of a person killed in the attacks with every QSO.

Check The ARRL Tenth Anniversary Of 9-11 Article for QSL and other information. You can also see the ARRL Special Events Calendar.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Shortwave America Radio Propagation Reports - The First Two Weeks

Two weeks ago, Shortwave America integrated as part of Media Network Plus. Over the last two weeks, many positive comments have been had from listeners as far away across the globe as India and Australia. Nigel Holmes of the highly respected Radio Australia says he even enjoys the reports.

The Shortwave America Propagation Report is aired towards the end of the program. Here are the first two weeks, beginning with Media Network Plus show# 32.

Shortwave America Propagation Report, week one
August 20th, 2011

Shortwave America Propagation Report week two  Show#33
August 27th, 2011

Don't forget to visit the Media Network Plus Official Blog

Classic PCJ Archive Items: Marx Brothers and The Saturday Show by Radio Sweden

Hurricane Irene has blown through, the major Typhoon has fizzled out in Taipei, Taiwan. Now we blow back to the earlier days of radio. The Marx Brothers start us off with their always contagious brand of laughter in the 1940s.
                               LISTEN OR DOWNLOAD HERE

Our next radio journey through the past brings us forward about two and a half decades later to the Vietnam War and the British Cabinet shake - up. 1966 was the year, and Sweden was striving towards uniformity with respect to certain issues.
                              Here is THE SATURDAY SHOW


Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene Emergency Communications Frequencies


3.940 MHz SSB
7.262 MHz SSB backup
Net Manager: Pete K1HZU
The Eastern Branch (RCCe) has been activated for this hurricane.

Amateur radio will provide communications from there ( NC4EB ) starting at 0700 on Saturday.
Frequencies that we will listen on; 3923Khz   LSB    backup if 75 meters goes bad  -->  7232Khz  LSB

146.835   FM   Columbia Repeater

Down East UHF Linking System  ( here is a link for those frequencys -  look for DownEast )

Digital:      *  in the subject line include //MARS R/  prior to your subject description.  i.e.    Subject://mars r/water not needed
                                                                                                                                                                    & nbsp;                                   Subject://mars r/Ref: your message
If you can send email by any means, we will get it.

Shifts of operations;  0700 on Saturday through Sunday afternoon.

If you have any questions contact Ron Knapp  W9EF   -->



Emergency Net is at 3.920MHz

14.325 MHz

Arlington County Virginia Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) will
activate radio operations at 12:00 PM on Saturday August 27, 2011 for
the duration of the threat from Hurricane Irene to Arlington County.

Arlington ARES will be operating on the W4WVP repeater. (144.8700
input / 145.4700 output / PL 107.2 Hz) and monitoring 145.4700 simplex.

Virginia Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) will be
operating the Old Dominion Emergency Net (ODEN), the Virginia Section
ARES and RACES statewide communications network, on 3947 / 7240 kHz.

NEWPORT NEWS -VOICE - VHF, RX:  147.165 (no tone), TX:  147.765 (no tone)

The WPA HF nets are on 3.983 mhz and back up of 7272
The HF digital frequencies are 3583.5 usb and 7073 usb. This is FLDIGI NBEMS using Olivia 8/50 or mt 63 with 1000hz center.

HF 3945 Primary SSB, 3582 Primary NBEMS
Net should be operational from early Sunday AM.



Our IRLP node is 4292.  The EchoLink conference bridge is W1AWBDCT.  It will support 350 connects.  Normally this bridge is used for our broadcasts.  In this instance, it’ll be off-line for that purpose and given over to the field. 

On D-Star, we’ll be monitoring W1HQ A (23 cm module).

Will be using 3.965 MHz for the HF Net


Primary HF is at 3.905 MHz with a backup at 1.905 MHz and 7.300 MHz


Primary HF net can be found at 3.9875 MHz

Primary HF Net can be found at 3987.5 KHz with backup at 7227.5 KHz

Primary HF net can be found at 3.978 MHz

Primary HF emergency net can be found at 3.978 MHz

The WMA Emergency Net on HF is the same as Eastern Mass and resides on 3943 KHz.


On HF we will meet on 3976 KHz starting at 8 AM on Sunday. This designated VT ARES frequency is also the VPEN frequency. The alternate will be 7275 KHz depending upon propagation

In the Burlington area use the BARC Repeater: 146.610 MHz.

In the Rutland area use the GMWS Repeater: 147.045.

In the Bennington area use SOVARC Repeater: 146.835.

In Windham County, The West River Radio Club meets on 147.015 MHz.

In St Albans, STARC uses 145.230 MHz.

In Addison County, ACARA will be on 147.360 MHz in Middlebury.

Repeaters with wide area coverage include Killington: 146.880 MHz
And Bolton: 145.150 MHz.

The BTV National Weather Service will be monitoring 145.110 (Whiteface, NY) and looking for weather and damage reports. Someone from each of these Nets should relay Traffic to NWS as it comes in.


ECHOLINK Listen only Nodes...IRLP:Reflector 9508...Reflector 9129 EchoLink:*KC4QLP-C* Node: 290251..*VKEMCOMM* Node:270177..*N5API* Node: 77433..*KA1AAA* Node: 509403 

Hurricane Watch Net on 20 meters 14.365.00 via RadioReference

North Carolina State Highway Patrol via RadioReference

Virginia Beach Police and Fire via RadioReference

NYPD Special Operations & Traffic via RadioReference

FDNY Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island via RadioReference


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

U.S. Amateur Radio Operators Prepare For Hurricane Irene

Quoting the ARRL:

"Beginning on Monday, August 22, the Hurricane Watch Net (HWN) activated its nets and monitoring 14.325 MHz in support of WX4NHC, the Amateur Radio Station at the National Hurricane Center (NHC). WX4NHC appreciates eyewitness reports from Amateur Radio operators and volunteer weather observers who are within 300 miles of a hurricane. You can send reports to the NHC via their online reporting system or you can print out the form and send it via fax."


Hurricane operation frequencies will be posted once the full list is known.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Funny Ways To Communicate - Classic Telephone Crack-Up's

Shortwave America usually sticks strictly with radio communications, but after the last many pieces here, it is time to have a few laughs with another of mankind's oldest form of communications...the telephone. Most of us are old enough to remember the original telephones. You either had a touch tone phone or you had a rotary dial. Before the days of called I.D., when you were a young man or woman you could pick up the phone and just have fun with people. Some people were naturally better at prank. calls than others, and some were good enough that they could make a career out of it or use it as a way to enhance their careers.

By now, you're probably thinking that prank calls are immature and childish, right? Not always! If you have a quirky and original sense of humor, you can put the right spin on a call and have a classic moment to cherish forever and it'll never get old. Below are some classics that were found by Shortwave America. Before we present this material, it needs to be said that you should never try any of this at home because there could be serious legal problems if you go too far. Be warned that some of this material is not safe for work or specific other environments.

Tom Mabe is our first phone genius

BT Telecom in the U.K. gets their nerves severely shaken in a classic way!

The Jerky Boys show the world how to have fun with a telephone booth

Unfortunately, Johnny Brennan IS the Jerky Boys now. No one knows why Kamal left the team for certain and Brennan says there is no bad blood between the old duo.

Howard Stern entertains us with a true classic!

Now for an idea for Shortwave America readers. We want to hear from as many of you as will comment. What would you think about a radio show combining the elements of the legendary John and Jeff Show , The Jerky Boys, and Howard Stern?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

2011 Guide To The Chicago Air and Water Show Radio Communications

The Chicago Air and Water Show commences this coming weekend, lasting two days. The first day is Saturday, August 20th, 2011. Each year, the VHF aviation service frequencies change along with the UHF through microwave frequencies. There is much to hear at the Chicago Air and Water Show. Since most anyone can remember, CARMA (Chicago Area Radio Monitoring Association) has been there the day before and for the full show each of the two days.

The hard work done by CARMA has ensured for many years running, that the casual / serious radio communications monitor and the licensed radio amateur are aware of specific frequencies being used. Monitoring this show from the perspective of the air traffic controllers and the pilots adds an extra dimension to being witness to the biggest and best air show known to man.

Here is your frequency rundown of the 2011 Chicago Air & Water Show, courtesy of the postings in the Chicago Metro section of RadioReference as compiled by chgomonitor, a senior / founding member of CARMA and others: (by way of fair use)

This piece will be updated as new information becomes available and frequencies are verified.
Until then, you can access the CARMA Chicago Aviation Frequency Profiles by clicking the links below which will open the stated PDF Files: Note that you will want to pay specific attention to the Gary, Indiana Tower frequency since the show participants are mostly coming from that airport.

Frequencies confirmed for Saturday Aug 20th 2011

Chicago O'Hare Frequency Profile

Illinois Airports Profile (Pay attention here to Midway Airport, and Rockford Airport)

Illinois Airports Charts (possibly outdated, still a good reference)

Chicago Center Sites

Mid-Air Refueling



The 2010 Air and Water Show frequencies worth keeping an eye on this year:

134.100 / 353.500 Gary show 2010 Platform
118.400 / 353.875 Gary show 2010 Tracon Arv/Dep
125.200 / 317.500 Chgo show 2009 Platform primary
123.100 / 270.250 Chgo show 2009 Platform alternate
126.800 / 308.400 Chgo show 2009 Arv/Dep
125.600 / 256.700 Gary Tower
134.100 / 253.500 Rockford show 2010 Platform
134.100 / 257.200 Chgo show 2008 Platform primary
134.100 / 398.100 Chgo show 2008 Platform alternate

458.075 (210.7) (FM) Chgo Park Dist Lifeguard Supervisors
460.250 (162.2) CPD Citywide 6
460.350 ( 97.4) CPD Citywide 5

USCG VHF FM Channels & Marine Band in general

Chgo Park Dist - 151.190 151.295

CPD 800 TRS for the CPD Marine Units

Castaways restaurant at North Ave beach house - 469.2625

Search 122.000 -to- 124.000, 25 KHz steps in AM mode for air to air, air to ground and show discrete audio relays.

Refueling possibles - 277.700 305.500 291.900 320.900 346.525 298.775 283.775

2010 Acts (all flying, no static displays at this show);

US Navy Blue Angels
284.250 Delta
275.350 Diamond
237.800 Solos
346.500 Ground Ops
305.900 Fat Albert
255.200 Advance and Spotting
139.8125 (FM) Ground Support
142.6125 (FM) Ground Support

AeroShell - 123.150
Lima Lima - 123.575 123.175
Sean Tucker & Team Oracle
Bill Stein
Red Bull Helo
US Army Golden Knights - 123.475 123.575 123.150
Leapfrogs - 407.500 (FM) 270.000
USAF Viper West - 376.025 384.550 282.800
B1B Bombers - 311.000 321.000 303.000
US Army Blackhawks - 242.400
KC-135 - 277.700
USAF T6 - 123.150
US Navy F18 Super Hornet
USAFR Pararescue
Heritage Flight - 122.425 122.475 136.500 136.575
USAF T38 - 234.500
USCG Demo - 157.050


64.9375 (D532) Channel 1. Event Support Staff primary. This is the largest group of users present, but they weren't always the busiest on the radio, with all the set-up stuff going on. These are the yellow shirt support staff.

461.2750 (D702) Set-up crews primary.  Mechanics and field personnel, etc.

468.8375 (146.2)

464.5000 (D165) Unknown activity (show electrical work?)

464.9125 Scout hit, possibly a rental radio

134.100 (AM) VHF Platform frequency used in multiple radios

458.075 (210.7) Chicago Park District Lifeguard Supervisors

151.295 (114.8) Chgo Park District Repeater / LPZ

151.190 (114.8) Chgo Park District Repeater / LPZ

151.955 (D065) Lincoln Park Zoo Repeater

237.800 (AM) Blue Angels solos.

284.250 (AM) Blue Angels solos. Also some ground activity on site at North Avenue between the platform and their remote site out on the breakwater pier.

275.350 (AM) Blue Angels Diamond.

305.900 (AM) Momentary transmissions by Blue Angels staff.

255.200 (AM) Used a little towards the end by the Angels. Seemed to be coordinating their return to Gary after the practice.

142.6125 (FM) Blue Angels ground support and coordination at the North Avenue show site. Platform to remote site comms.

Hits were also heard on these frequencies last year:

122.850 - 12 Hits
136.500 - 5 Hits
123.150 - 87 Hits
123.475 - 28 Hits
126.800 - 4 Hits
125.600 - 48 Hits (Gary Tower VHF)
123.575 - 5 Hits
284.250 - 2 Hits (Heavily used at the site, though)
275.250 - 4 Hits (same)
237.800 - >100 Hits
122.750 - >100 Hits
122.925 - 2 Hits
123.425 - 51 Hits
123.450 - 56 Hits
311.000 - 1 Hits

134.100 / 353.500 Platform
118.400 / 308.400 Tracon
125.600 / 256.700 Gary Tower

123.575 Lima-Lima Air to Air
123.425 Firebirds Air to Air
123.150 Aeroshell and Golden Knights
122.125 Rob Holland discrete
266.600 A10 UHF Discrete
138.750 A10 VHF Discrete (AM)
47.00 Blackhawk Helos air to air (FM)
376.025 Viper West discrete
469.2625 (D506) Simplex. Castaways F1
464.5750 (000.0) Simplex. Castaways F2


Jesse98 - C130
RAVEN - A10's
Happy - KC-135

Holding points in 2010 were LAIRD to the north east and THOR to the west.

NOTAM For 2011 Chicago Air and Water Show:

Other ways you can watch the show live or otherwise monitor the show are:

Justin.TV LIVE Aircraft Communications Feed from Chicago's John Hancock Center

Aircraft show freqs as well as all marine, and Chicago Police and Fire freqs are now in the mix at Radioman 911 on Justin.TV

Listen to WBBM News Radio 780 and 105.9FM

Channel 7 LIVE webstream

Chicago Air and Water Show Twitter

Chicago Air and Water Show Facebook

The show website also says you can use your cell phone by doing the following:

Text "airshow" to 780780 to get alerts about which act is coming up next
Txt & data rates may apply. Upon joining, you'll also get breaking news alerts from WBBM Newsradio.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shortwave America Integrates As Part Of Media Network Plus

Shortwave America has been officially contracted to provide the seven day radio propagation forecasts on the weekly edition of Media Network Plus, a program of PCJ Radio / PCJ Media. The first propagation forecast has already been recorded, and is scheduled to air soon. PCJ Radio / PCJ Media is the longest running radio station and media outlet in its genre. Shortwave America is proud to be affiliated with PCJ and all of its members, partner stations, and partner media outlets.

The Media Network Plus Schedule is as follows:
Saturday Africa & Asia from 1000UTC to 1030UTC
Saturday Europe from 1300UTC to 1330UTC
Saturday North America from 2100UTC to 2130UTC

Below is the satellite information for each region, for more you can visit
NORTH AMERICA: Galaxy 19 at 97º West, Transponder 27, 12.177 GHz Vertical Polarisation, Symbol Rate 23,000 Msym/s, FEC 3/4, DVB MPEG2, Choose Audio Channel: WRN1 (English), Service-ID: 13.

Sirius and XM Satellite Radio offer 60 channels of commercial-free music and up to 40 channels of news, sports and entertainment, all broadcast directly to your vehicle, anywhere on the continental United States. Sirius’ and XM's digital satellite delivery system ensures that listeners receive a crystal clear signal from coast to coast.
From May 4th, 2011 WRN will be available on channel 120 on both Sirius and XM alongside other news providers such as CNBC, ABC, Fox News, Bloomberg, and NPR. For further information on subscribing to Sirius Satellite Radio in the USA, please visit the Sirius website: or XM

EUROPE: Sky Digital, Channel 0122 (Eurobird 1, 28.5º East, Transponder C2, 11.224 GHz, Vertical, Symbol Rate 27.500 Mbaud, FEC 2/3, MPEG2 DVB audio stream. Select WRN Europe from audio menu.)
Eutelsat HOT BIRD 6, 13º East, Transponder 94, 12.597 GHz, Vertical, Symbol Rate 27.500 Mbaud, FEC 3/4, MPEG2 DVB audio stream. Select WRN English from audio menu.

ASIA PACIFIC: Intelsat 10 (formerly known as PAS 10) at 68.5 degrees east, Transponder: 14 (C band), downlink frequency: 3808 MHz (Vertical polarization), Symbol rate: 10.340 Msym/sec, FEC: 3/4.
Africa: Intelsat 10 at 68.5 degrees east, Transponder: 14 (C band), downlink frequency: 3805.5 MHz (Vertical polarization), Symbol rate: 6.670 Msym/sec, FEC: 3/4.

You can also receive WRN via DStv. For details contact DSTV on +27 11 289 2222, fax +27 11 577 4901, e-mail: or visit the DSTV website at
PCJ Radio only uses microphones exclusively from Marshall Electronics 900 Series. For more information visit

Friday, August 12, 2011

Artie Bigley, Crystal Ship, and WBNY - Poet Says Bunny Manufactured E-Mails

In a shocking turn of facts involving the FCC's action against John Poet's "Crystal Ship", WBNY has allegedly provided "evidence" that an individual named Artie Bigley was the "Confidential Informant" to the FCC. Poet states that Bigley was already a natural fall guy for this whole scheme due to a history of filling out one FOIA request with the FCC to learn of the WEAK Radio operator's name. This effort is said to have been a failed endeavor because of allegations that the FCC did not have that information available. What is absolutely known is that Free Radio Cafe was not registered anywhere near April 9th as proven by a domain search. We know now that the FCC did not use any direction finding equipment to find John Poet and issue him a notice of unlicensed operation. The FCC got a direct address either from Artie himself or someone else who had a direct address for Poet. Bunny would have been the only person with this information.

The FCC does not have any field agents or other personnel with the e-mail address that Artie supposedly used to communicate with the FCC. A search for "Tesla Motorhome" shows only results for a "Tesla Forum" and other links for motor home related items, but no company with that name.

One good theory that is quite possible is that the FCC used Poet's internet service provider to get his address since Poet used an e-mail address for his QSL cards and other communication with Crystal Ship fans. Poet also used the FRN and Free Radio Cafe and they could have traced him that way.

Here are the respective e-mails to and from the FCC allegedly involving Artie, courtesy of WBNY:

Shortwave America readers can verify the autheticity of these e-mails HERE

are these e-mails REALLY authentic though? the answer is sadly that they ARE NOT and here is further proof:

Here is the LINK TO A WHOIS SEARCH for anyone wanting to verify the authenticity of the captured image above. WHO would fake e-mails to and from the FCC using the Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN)? Check here for secondary and more detailed verification of the above.

A statement and detailed investigative findings done by the Crystal Ship themselves (maybe John Poet himself)

Commander Bunny has been exposed by Radio Paranoia by way of a show of evidence

Artie Bigley has a Facebook account at which he has not been active or said a peep. . 

There is a MYLife account with the name Artie Bigley on it who claims to be from Columbus, Ohio. See, if THIS IS the right Artie and not someone else with the same name, then Artie still could not have sent that e-mail because FCC personnel have official e-mail addresses.

Examining the alleged return e-mail to Artie, there are two e-mail addresses used. Shortwave America was able to identify James Bridgewater as an FCC Agent and also as the FCC Michigan Office Emergency Contact. Neither of these e-mail addresses could be verified, another sign of a very badly faked e-mail. The only TRUE thing about this whole game is that James Bridgewater is employed by the FCC.

Maybe WBNY should have thought about his actions, but now he joins Kracker in the snitch ranks, never to be trusted again! Pirate operators, DXer's and everyone else take note that Bunny's game is to use his E-Bay sales list as his personal "hit list" in such fashion that he gives his information to the FCC when he wants to win a war he couldn't win otherwise! BAD BUNNY!!! Bad bunnies don't get no carrots, they don't get no trust, and definitely don't get no attention!!!

Shortwave America is proud to help give the Jack Ass Award to WBNY!

Co - signed by Shortwave America!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Barbara Frum - What Did Ya Feed The God Damn Cabbage? CBC Archives


PCJ Radio / PCJ Media, Media Network Plus in cooperation with Shortwave America are proud to present: What Did Ya Feed The God Damn Cabbage?  An interview with the late Barbara Frum of what used to be "Radio Canada International" and is now "CBC". Barbara interviews a Welsh farmer with a severe hearing impairment until she can't deal with him anymore. Here is a little background taken from the CBC website: (Click to enlarge)

Keith Perron explains this whole comedy of errors followed by the actual interview in full below. The interview was taken from the third Media Network Plus program which took place in December of 2010.

Broadcast Date: Dec. 31, 1976
Guest(s): M. McLaughlin
Host: Barbara Frum
Duration: 3:30

Monday, August 8, 2011

Civillian Uses Slain Officer's Radio To Call For Help, The Crystal Ship Has Sunk

Quoting a quick snippet from NBC San Diego:
"SAN DIEGO (NBC San Diego) - Seconds after San Diego Police Officer Jeremy Henwood was shot in his patrol car Saturday, a citizen used his radio to call for help. Henwood, 36, was shot in the head at University Avenue and 45th Street. The 4-year veteran of the department and veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves was pronounced dead Sunday morning."

Shortwave America would like to briefly say that this civillian should be held to the same standards as Licensed Amateur Radio Operators. Not very long ago, an amateur was hiking in the U.S. when he fell and broke his ankle. No other means of communications were available, and without help, this hiking radio amateur would have been in serious trouble. He used his modified amateur radio HT to call attention to his situation on a local Law Enforcement frequency and has seen legal consequences despite having fulfilled the legal burden for his actions, so what makes this civillian who rescued the cop any different??

Our next piece of radio related news says that a long running rivalry between John Poet and the crew of The Crystal Ship vs. WBNY also known as "Commander Bunny" has ended in the United States FCC shutting down the primary transmit site for the Crystal Ship after nearly twenty nine years to the day of its first transmission. See the official statement from the Crystal Ship

After examining all of the available data on this matter, Shortwave America can conclude objectively that the preponderance of the evidence shows that Commander Bunny is indeed the FCC SNITCH that did in the Crystal Ship. This was a great station while it lasted. TCS never interfered with broadcasts, never interfered with military radio traffic, never interfered with the amateur service, and had no prior complaints before the FCC took this action. Granted, it IS illegal to "broadcast" without a license, TCS proved over the past 29 years of its operation that low power broadcast without a license on unused frequencies and when practiced with technical proficiency, is absolutely not a threat to anyone or any radio service. The fact is that the FCC wasted time, money, and manpower to pursue TCS!