Monday, September 13, 2010

Who Reads ShortwaveAmerica?

People in Germany, China, Russia, Netherlands, Canada, South Korea, United Kingdom, Denmark, and Finland, that's who! The first five countries are SWA's top international readers. Thank you to everyone who reads!

Those of you in China who read SWA should be ready to defend your right to read this publication after the recent piece about Firedrake. There may be a time when China officials see the criticism there and likely ban this publication. Should this happen, please feel free to e-mail the blogmaster and we'll find a way around that!

It would appear that either no one from the middle east has viewed this site or SWA may have been banned in those troubled regions. ShortwaveAmerica wants to issue a challenge to the international readers:

1. Although you guys and gals give this site traffic, the U.S. readership outranks international interest in this site. Do you international readers really want to be beat out by Americans? According to the stats, you international readers love this site and this site loves you right back, so pass this blog on to your friends, your family, whoever you know! Post the link to this site everywhere, give it to strangers too!

2. SWA wants the readership of people in Iran, Iraq, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Spain, Puerto Rico, Italy, Central America, South America, North Korea, Australia, Japan, and anywhere else. If you international readers have friends, family, business associates, or aquaintances in any of these countries; tell them about this site!

SWA loves it's American readers just the same as it's international readership, so those in the U.S. should know that you are highly appreciated! ShortwaveAmerica has seen a rise in traffic approaching numbers in the dramatic range for a publication of this type. Thank you to all of the readers out here!

Other stats for ShortwaveAmerica:

The most volume of traffic comes from readers using Internet Explorer with Windows followed by those using Firefox & Windows. A small percentage of the readers use Linux, yet others are a small percentage of people using Chrome, Opera, and lesser well known systems.

ShortwaveAmerica gets it's highest amount of referrals from Google. The other sites will remain a secret, because the top two referring sites you wouldn't believe even if a screen shot were published here, and SWA wants the users of those top sites to enjoy their privacy. Likewise, this publication doesn't want to start a war with the top referring sites & their users.

Keep visiting everyone! Thanks so much for the time you spend here!

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