Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Show Coming: WLUP AM-1000 Celebrity Documentary

Rick Kaempfer (pictured above), has signed on to be part of a historic Shortwave America documentary involving a celebrity voice from what is considered the golden era of what was once the historic WLUP - AM1000! Rick is what can only be called a "Producer's Producer" and also owns his own publishing company, Eckhartz Press. Prior to forming Eckhartz Press, not only was Rick a skilled and well respected radio Producer, he also owned and operated Chicago Radio Spotlight, along with a list of other blogs that earned praise.

The celebrity voice from the old WLUP - AM1000 will remain a surprise for now, but here are a few hints:

He was known to walk into the studio with a backpack and a water bottle

He was always able to be emotionally provoking and even controversial while rarely ever crossing the line.

He had his own sense of style, and always brought his own brand of talk to the air

Though known for his unique show over the decades, he is also very versatile

WLUP AM-1000 was a sister station to WLUP 97.9FM, Chicago's premiere rock station. The story is best told in brief by the very voice of WLUP in the video below. Please note that the effort that made this video relevant at the time has since been discontinued, and the website affiliated with it is now gone.

There are hours of material to go through for this documentary, people to interview, and lots of work to be done. In the end, this will be the most dynamic show ever written and produced here at Shortwave America, and it's sure to make major media headlines! Keep visiting for progress updates, because you WANT to hear this show!