Thursday, January 10, 2013

BIG News From PCJ Radio

 January 26th, 2013 will mark a milestone for the PCJ Media Network Plus program. As of the given date, PCJ will have aired 100 episodes of this focused specialty international media show. PCJ Radio also wants all of you to know that: This March there will be 3 celebrations for PCJ!! The first one will be the 4th anniversary of Happy Station Show returning to the air. The second celebration will be Keith Perron's 4th anniversary as host. (Eddy Startz over 40 years, Tom Meijer over 20 years, Keith Perron 4 years. That's longer than Pete Myers and Jonathan Groubert) It's also the 4th anniversary of the founding of PCJ Radio/Media. For this celebration, there will be a special edition of Happy Station in March. One lucky person will have a chance to win a package of Happy Station Show promotional items. These are all new and include a 45rpm record of Tom Meijer. Stay tuned for details!!

The next piece of news out of PCJ Radio will bring everyone back to the good old days of shortwave listening. PCJ says: "In the next few weeks PCJ Radio will be releasing a package ring tones of 100 different interval signals from 100 stations. Some of them were recorded directly off shortwave, satellite and include ones that are studio copies. They are all recorded between 1930 and 2012. There will be a charge of 10$ for the full package. Payment will be done through PAYPAL. Once we receive payment we will send you an ID and PASSWORD to access the PCJ FTP to download the ZIP file."

See the official PCJ link here