Monday, September 19, 2011

Shortwave America - First Podcast Coming Featuring Jerry Bryant of Full Circle

What is Shortwave America doing? That is a GREAT question! Why is the first podcast going to feature Jerry Bryant, a man from a Contemporary Christian Music show? Well, Jerry is a veteran musician and radio broadcaster whose heart and soul is in communicating a family friendly platform that is fun, fresh, and relevant when it comes to giving hope to the world in ever changing times when all we hear about is darkness, destruction, failing economic conditions, and violence.

Full Circle Jesus Music takes people back to the 1970s era when what we know now as Contemporary Christian Music and the radio industry were starting to come into a place of their own as a co-existing body of communications. "Jesus Music" is what it was called then, and it was too spiritual for commercial radio, yet, also too rock n roll for the church. At Full Circle, you will not hear the heavy doomsday messages broadcast at WYFR, and you will not be given a perpetual hard sell on religion.

Jerry focuses on the positive ministry to a person's spirit, and couples this inspirational music with his gift of broadcasting professionally in an hour long show. As our readers know, this publication likes to focus on a diversity of material, presenting it fairly. Without the advance of CCM in the world scene, we might not have much of a choice in what we get to listen to or what musicians across the world get to create. The first Shortwave America podcast is in the process of being put together. Until it is ready, let's take a look at what Jerry Does at Full Circle so you have a chance to become familiar with Jerry and his show. Here's a video from January of 2011:


Anonymous said...

Like it or not, the Christian stuff is a big part of shortwave radio. Wide thinking of you to include it Dan. Tom, AB9NZ

Shortwave_America said...

Thanks, Tom! We actually have some special guests joining us, so you'll want to listen to this one!