Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shortwave On The Go: Win a FREE Autographed Shortwave America DVD+R

Shortwave America and PCJ Radio fan, Chris Freitas, listens to his Tecsun portable at the University of Memphis while he completes some work during the course of his day. Chris is listening to 15235Khz in AM mode. Can anyone guess what program he's enjoying? Here's a hint or two to find out: The A-11 AOKI Schedule is your friend! Use UTC time between 1600 and 2245. The first three people to figure it out correctly will get a free autographed DVD+R from Shortwave America.


weatherall said...

Radio Canada International

Shortwave_America said...

Shortwave America has let time pass, and no one else has answered this question. Weatherall had the correct answer! Weatherall, please e-mail Shortwave America your address so you can receive your autographed DVD+R!