Thursday, July 21, 2011

Restatement Of Shortwave America Comments Policy

In the last 24 hours, an anonymous person posted in the comments section on a post more than 14 days old which means that comment moderation is in effect. This comment was the most vile, hateful, and violent this publication has received to date.

Shortwave America and its staff are all completely in favor of free speech with no apologies, however, we will not publish comments that are overtly hateful, violent, or espouse hate based on a person's protected class such as "Disability, sexual orientation, race, gender, ethnicity, faith based beliefs, or protected diplomatic / protected legal immigrant / legal alien resident status." Shortwave America also will not publish material or comments that are defamatory, slanderous, or libelous.

That said, in order to keep Shortwave America a safe place for all visitors, Shortwave America is weighing the possibility of criminal and / or civil prosecution of the person who left the most recent comment. The contents of this comment were so horrible that it will NOT be published here for any reason. All we have to say is that this anonymous commenter should really be ashamed of themselves and consider seeking professional clinical help.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If people don't put their names and do it anonymous it's because they are cowards.
I find it very amusing.