Friday, July 22, 2011

Crew Of Atlantis STS-135, NASA Space Centers Nationwide Close Out Space Shuttle Program Permanently

July 8th, 2011,  and July 21st, 2011 will forever be bittersweet days for anyone who has ever held a career in aviation or the NASA Space Program. From those who first conceived the final space shuttle design to those who built each and every part of the shuttle and then those who flew the world's most advanced and magnificent space flight machine; those who provided weather services, guidance, and communications as well as the endless list of others involved with the shuttle program, the emotions are wide ranged.

The final shuttle mission did not ONLY bring about the end of our shuttle program, but also made space communications history. There is no space program or space flight operation that can work without a well trained crew of professional communicators who put their hearts into their work just the same as the other people who work within such a huge mega - science program.

Shortwave America will now pay tribute to a dream that became reality by providing the final touchdown video, and select final shuttle mission photos and video. Let's start with CAPCOM Houston in Texas!

CAPCOM Houston guides Atlantis back to earth, acting as their life link

STS-135 says farewell the the Expedition 28 crew

Final touchdown of Atlantis, ending the space shuttle program
STS-135 Crew poses with Atlantis as backdrop for the final time

Final touchdown information directly from NASA: 12 Days/18:27:56 Mission Elapsed Time (MET) – main gear touchdown (days/hours:minutes:seconds)

Final stats for STS-135

Atlantis re-entry as photographed by the Expedition 28 crew aboard the ISS

Atlantis astronaut welcome home party information

The STS-135 Final Flight Facebook Page provided pre-flight, final launch, mission updates, and final touchdown coverage in real time. Just as Atlantis was re-entering earth's atmosphere, "Carbon Flight" also known in real life as Ed Van Cise, who is a NASA Flight Control Director in Houston, joined the live coverage as the 600th member of the page. NASA STS-135 Mission Control Photos

Welcome home, Atlantis! Atlantis' final resting place will be the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. "On the shoulders of the space shuttle, America will continue the dream!" - George Diller.

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