Friday, June 3, 2011

Shortwave America Presents: Encouragement For Dissent In China

China has once again decided to enact what can only be described as archaic censorship using the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre as a piss poor excuse. Shortwave America has no political loyalties and takes pride in being a free publication in regards to this sort of thing. In keeping with that spirit, Shortwave America publicly denounces China as a place for any human being to live or even visit. 

Continuing on, Shortwave America HIGHLY ENCOURAGES Chinese citizens to stand together against their oppressive, anti-democracy government. China does not care about you, your rights, your ability to be a human being and surely doesn't care about your basic human right to live as a free people. The fact is that there are more people than there are members of the Chinese military forces, and an uprising would be good. THIS is YOUR time, Chinese citizens! You can stand by and do nothing while continuing to live under the Red hand of communism or force change to bring about total freedom. 

What the Chinese Government never understood is that the traditions and beauty of China can still be preserved while allowing its people to be free. This piece will undoubtedly get this publication banned in China if it hasn't been banned already, but there are ways around that. This publication is based out of the U.S. and so China can't touch any of us! The respect of any government anywhere in the world MUST be EARNED, not demanded by inhumane practices.

If anything, the communist practices of China's government must be treated with total contempt. If anything, China's leaders are all equal to nothing more than animal waste! There's a whole lotta garbage that the Chinese leaders hide behind, the list is endless. This publication has no choice but to encourage possible tourists to decide against going to China, and to encourage people not to buy Chinese products that would generate revenue for China. 

Perhaps there are people out here who would care enough to write piles of sharply worded letters to the Chinese government condemning their practices and public policies. Shortwave America urges the broadcast industry not to do business with China and maybe it isn't a bad idea that Chinese transmitter sites face severe interference. 

China wants a communications war, fine! They'll lose in a most embarrassing way! Encouraging and enabling dissent in China until their people are free is not a bad effort to be behind!

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