Monday, June 27, 2011

Florida Law Enforcement Deputy Misuses Department Radio System, Boss Approves?

Ok, so this was original and cute. If any of the Shortwave America readers are Law Enforcement professionals, you can see the danger in using the county wide radio system to do something like this. Both the officers in the field and the callers using 911 depend on this system for life threatening emergencies.

Obviously, the Officer's supervisor is just fine with this type of system use and that is VERY troubling, and if you don't find it troubling, you should! Law enforcement by its very nature means that anything can happen at anytime, anywhere! What IF there would have been an emergency at that time? The air would not have been available for an emergency transmission! An officer or 911 caller could have been put in danger!

The department doesn't see the abuse of the communications system in this case, and that is another troubling issue! See Law Officer for the original story and then see the Miami Herald.

Any other department would have initiated an investigation with expectations of handing down least a few days off! Should Florida taxpayers expect such a trivial use of their Sheriff's emergency radio system? Shortwave America will search on-line archives for the complete radio transmissions and see about getting them here. Until then, the media recording should be enough to satisfy the point made.

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Anonymous said...

Just one more example of the industrio-cop complex gone wild. Tom, AB9NZ