Monday, December 21, 2009

Today's Station Log: DX Galore!

Today's Shortwave finds started using a method in which the VFO was started at higher frequencies, worked back downwards and then back up again. Not all stations were able to be identified, so just the language of the broadcast is given with the freq in Khz and the signal report.

All of these finds took place between 1PM Central Time and 3:30PM Central Time.

AWR Nigeria - Freq: 11.750.00Khz Signal: 5 by 9

Polish Broadcast - Freq: 11.664.00Khz Signal: 5 by 9

German Broadcast - Freq: 11.565.00Khz Signal: 5 by 7 with fading

Middle Eastern Broadcast - Freq: 11.865.00Khz Signal: 5 by 9

Middle Eastern Broadcast - Freq: 13.650.00 Signal: 5 by 9 (sign-off)

Spanish Broadcast - Freq: 17.628.00Khz Signal: 20 over 9

Top Hits Of 2009 (possibly a UK Broadcast) - Freq: 9.503.00 Signal: 5 by 7 with fading

Classical Music with Female Vocalist in English followed by middle-eastern pop style music also with a female vocalist in arabic - Freq: 7.450.00Khz Signal: 5 by 9

"Mary Did You Know?" Freq: 7.462.00Khz Signal: 20 over 9

CHU Canada Freq: 7.850.00Khz Signal 5 by 9 peaking to 15 over 9

Portuguese Language Broadcast - Freq: 9.420.00Khz Signal: 5 by 7 swinging to 5 by 9

Arabic Language Broadcast (I.D. as Family Radio, Open Forum, Oakland, California)- Freq: 11.662.00Khz Signal: 5 by 9

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