Saturday, November 30, 2013

AIR Chicago Review

Six days ago, Clear Channel Media + Entertainment Chicago, along with one of its sister-companies, Clear Channel Airports (a division of Clear Channel Outdoors), announced a partnership with the Chicago Department of Aviation.

Rosemarie S. Andolino, Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Aviation, said: "On behalf of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, we are proud that O'Hare and Midway, in partnership with Clear Channel, are the first airports to offer a radio station specifically devoted to keeping passengers in touch with real-time information. AIR Chicago is a great example of our efforts to provide a 'best-in-class' experience for the millions of travelers who fly through our busy transportation hubs."

Official Shortwave America review of AIR Chicago Radio

A monitoring session from late in the evening 11/29/2013 to 1:30PM on 11/30/2013 revealed some pros and cons. First, AIR Chicago is a wonderful light-hearted smooth-jazz station with great quality, and they adhere to the industry standards of high technical production values. On the other hand, AIR Chicago plays too much music, and has no proper balance (ratio) of news and information to music.

This out of balance ratio leaves the listener with expectations of hearing about real - time ORD and MDW news with a bad taste in their mouths. Air travel passengers expect to hear about concourse conditions, flight delays and cancellations, and customer service experiences at the airports of focus. Passengers expect to hear about aircraft departure and arrival taxi times, runway conditions, and other relevant aspects of airport operations.

The current AIR Chicago news reports at the bottom of the hour are ok for what they are in that they are only part of what air travelers want and need to hear. The music rotation isn't much of an issue, as the same song doesn't play too often or too soon after its already been played.

Presenter quality: the "Announcers" or Presenters seem to really know what they are doing. Their diction is clear, their respective microphone demeanors are professional. Their voice clarity and vocal speech levels, enunciation, pronounciation, and ability to follow directions are all superior.

Overall Listener Experience:

AIR Chicago Radio feels like a warm, welcoming, "make yourself at home and relax" sort of experience. If ever there was an answer to helping air travelers unwind before, during, or after a flight...AIR Chicago Radio is it! AIR Chicago Radio is even wonderful for soothing the nerves of airport / airline / aviation contract service workers at the beginning and end of each day!

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Listen to AIR Chicago Radio here